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My boyfriend just proposed to me on 11/24/02. It made me wonder how wedding traditions and superstitions were started, so I created this quiz about them. Average score for this quiz is 11 / 25. Difficulty: Difficult. Played 3,855 times. As of Jul 21 21 Ten different wedding traditions from around the world. Have fun. Average score for this quiz is 7 / 10.Difficulty: Average.Played 522 times. As of Jul 25 21 Breakout your magic wand and try your luck at our latest quiz! From the history of the bridal bouquet to the most auspicious day to get married, weddings have a long and illustrious history! How did the wedding planners of yesteryear do it? With a lot skill and wedding planning game! Find out how well you know your wedding traditions Wedding is a major milestone in our life. It marks a new chapter in which we start a new family and live happily with the one we love. To celebrate your big day, we have listed some trivia wedding-themed quiz questions and answers A quiz on various wedding traditions might seem easy, but some people find themselves stumped. Take time out of making plans for your wedding dress, veil, cake, and all the other details to test your knowledge about wedding traditions. Are you up to the quiz challenge? 1. The tradition of the wedding cake dates back to

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  1. Wedding Trivia Questions. What is the official title of the popular bridal march 'Here Comes the Bride'? How many points are there in a 1 carat diamond? In the words of Frank Sinatra, Love and Marriage go together like a what? In Christian ceremonies, is it tradition for the bride to stand to the left or right side of the altar (facing the altar)
  2. Here's the original suggestion and of course, the printable game sheet + answer key. Download both below! At my friend's shower, it was about 50/50 guys/gals. One thing that was a hit on both sides was a matching list of the origins of wedding traditions. We passed them out while people were eating and the guys were just as into it, and got.
  3. Traditions and Customs Quiz Questions & Answers. Why do Christian brides traditionally wear the wedding ring on the fourth finger? What did handshaking originally symbolize? Which people traditionally smoke a pipe of peace? What primitive religion is still practiced in the West Indies, notably in Haiti? What kind of dance do native women.
  4. 38. The tradition of a wedding cake comes from ancient Rome, where revelers broke a loaf of bread over a bride's head for fertility's sake. 39. The custom of tiered cakes emerged from a game where the bride and groom attempted to kiss over an ever-higher cake without knocking it over. 40. Queen Victoria's wedding cake weighed a whopping 300.
  5. Some wedding traditions are lovely and others don't make much sense. Test your knowledge of wedding traditions with our HowStuffWorks quiz
  6. A wedding trivia quiz is an interesting and fascinating activity for the bridal shower. It involves all quest to be with the flow and serves as an icebreaker during the party. The questions are maybe funny, about traditional weddings happening around the world or about the bride and groom. It is a healthy activity in whic

Today I have made this Free Printable Wedding Trivia Quiz that you can play at your bridal shower party or hen's party. This is a fun and interesting quiz and you can check the knowledge of your guests about the various wedding-related customs and traditions around the world. This trivia quiz will give lots of fun information to your bridal shower party guests in the end Wedding Quiz Questions 1. In the movie '27 dresses', what kind of dresses are they? 2. To the nearest million, how many couples got married in 2019 in the USA? A - 22 million B - 62 million C - 82 million D - 122 million. 3. An old Scottish wedding tradition is to do what to a bride on the ever of her wedding? 4

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95. Which of the following is NOT a wedding tradition: (a) Preventing the bride and groom from seeing each other before the wedding (b) Feeding the cat out of an old shoe on the wedding day (c) The bride eating a pickle and the groom eating an apple the day of the wedding. 96. According to tradition, brides wear veils because It's a good old-fashioned wedding quiz, but with a modern setup. Here's how it works: The Setup. Now, you could get some special paper printed, distribute matching pens around the tables, then get 100+ guests to pass their sheets around to mark each others' at the end of each round. 125 Questions and Answers for a Pop Music Quiz in. Take a break from wedding planning & check out our Trivia & Traditions: 35 Fun Facts about Weddings. Maybe they'll inspire an idea for your big day! Ah, your wedding day perhaps the most important day of your life! Everything about it, from the ceremony to the venue to the guests, is steeped in tradition Wedding quiz - lots of trivia about weddings including Gretna Green, best men, church traditions and famous marriages. 15 quiz questions and answers. What is the traditional colour of a bride's dress in China

Marriage Traditions In America Trivia. Do you know these wedding dress facts and celebrity wedding trivia questions and answers? Try out these marriage trivia questions that cover many wedding traditions' meanings and lots of American wedding history, with all the classic big white wedding traditions explained Last week, Jenn Thompson reported on the bizarre origins of wedding traditions, weird wedding laws still on the books, and marriage rituals from around the world. Her wedding series wraps up with. Link to a random quiz page. Random Quiz. Question. Answer. What is the actual title of the song by Richard Wagner that is unofficially known as 'Here Comes the Bride?'. Bridal Chorus; Champagne Trilogy; Wedding March. Spencer Tracy played the father, but who played the bride in the original 'Father of the Bride' movie? Katharine Hepburn; Debbie. Traditions don't just apply to the things you have at your wedding, the food you serve and what you wear. There are also traditions like a spring wedding, getting married on a Saturday, and being married before 30. Those traditions are more societal than actually rooted in history, but they are traditions nonetheless Those wacky traditions really are out there, and if you are a bride who likes shocking your guests, why not match the tradition with an amazing unusual wedding dress or have your whole wedding in an unusual theme. Thinking outside the box is totally okay when it comes to planning your big day

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  1. Also, wedding traditions might be not only the source of fun wedding quiz questions but also give inspiration for the ceremony. For example, in many cultures, the hands of a bride and groom are literally tied together. This tradition serves to symbolize the couple's union in marriage. It is also where the expression 'to tie the knot.
  2. While it's true that most couples are complete novices when it comes to wedding planning, we've noticed that some of you have been doing your homework since long before you were engaged! So we thought it'd be fun to test your knowledge with a snazzy wedding trivia quiz! If you're a floristry whiz or a cake expert you should fly through this one
  3. Jennifer GiaconiaSomebodys Getting Married. Wedding traditions game with Answers. How to Play. Its for my Aunts bridal shower. Purchase this game and enjoy high quality Wedding traditions card for your event. Free Printable Why Do we Do That Game for Bridal Shower There are many superstitions involved with the wedding traditions and rituals

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how is the greek culture sexist? 1. women have to get married in a timely manner (child bearing years) vs. men don't have those time limits. 2. men are bread winners vs. women are supposed to cook,clean, have babies. 3. men are considered the head of the household and in charge. 4. greek men believe men are smarter than girls The easiest question will start at 100 points ranging up to 500 points. Teams answer the questions. Questions will be about the engaged couple. At a bridal shower, more questions are about the bride. Break up the room into three teams. Provide each team a buzzer, you could use an app. I like Trivia Bowl Buzzer

Wedding Dingbats. I was asked to compile these for a friend's wedding, they were put on the table during the reception for the guests to have a try at solving. As always the sheets are downloadable in pdf format from the links below. Wedding Dingbats Questions. Answers Like many Western wedding traditions, candy wedding favors also date back in history to the European aristocracy. In the 16th century, as a show of wealth, couples gave guests a bomboniere, which was a small trinket box made of crystal, porcelain, and precious stones that was filled with candy or sugar cubes Whether your wedding bells chimed last year, or 75 years ago, you'll likely be looking forward to celebrating your cherished day. As you prepare for your anniversary with cards or anniversary party invitations, keep some of this wedding anniversary trivia in mind to remind you of how very special marriage traditions really are.. Wedding Anniversary Trivi

The rules of the Mr & Mrs quiz are simple. First, choose around 20-25 questions about the bride and groom - from their likes to their dislikes - and ask the groom's questions to the bride, and vice versa. Continue reading below. You could even record the groom answering the questions, and play it back after the bride has answered, to. While taking the saatpheras, what does the couple pray for in the first one? Love And Respect For Each Other. Nourishing And Pure Food. Healthy And Prosperous Life. Strength. During the Hindu marriage, a ritual is performed, wherein the father gives away his daughter voluntarily holding hands near the fire to signify union Via Unsplash. Updated: May 13, 2021. There are some American wedding traditions that are famous and iconic all over the world. This includes the wearing of a white or ivory gown to signify purity, and a white veil to signify virginity. While these would seem to some like ancient wedding traditions, they are still in use in many weddings today 2. Handfasting. A handfasting tradition mixed into a wedding ceremony is one I always love. As a symbol of unity, the officiant places a ribbon or binding around the bride and groom's hands, while saying vows of promise and commitment. It's super meaningful and a unique spin on a traditional ceremony. 10 Irish Wedding Traditions for Your Big Day. Bells are traditionally chimed at Irish weddings to keep evil spirits away and to ensure a harmonious family life. Some Irish brides even carry small bells in their bouquets as a reminder of their sacred wedding vows, and they are a common gift for newlyweds. 11 of 17

Taking the term groomsman literally, on his wedding day, a Greek groom's best man, or koumparos, becomes his barber when he pulls out a razor and shaves his pal's face. But the groom's day. Royal wedding quiz questions and answers: 15 questions for your royal wedding quiz Kate and Prince William spark experts frenzy with 'interesting' departure from tradition The tradition of a wedding cake comes from ancient Rome, where guests broke a loaf of bread over the bride's head for fertility's sake. 7. Ever wondered where the phrase tying the knot came from

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Our fun engagement ring quiz helps you figure out your fiancée's style profile and match it to a style of engagement ring and proposal How Trivia Games Work. Trivia style games are perfect for wedding receptions.A wedding planner or family friend can draft questions to quiz guests, getting answers from the bride and groom ahead of time. Unique wedding favors can even be given to the trivia game winner. Additionally, for a change of pace, consider quizzing the bride and groom to see just how well this new couple really knows. So here's how this quiz works: you'll spend a day going to different spots to plan the details of your wedding. Simply tap on the image to answer each question

Yes, there are lots of wedding questions you'll receive via text, email, phone, Instagram DM, and in person—so you'll need to prepared to answer 'em! The easiest way to answer all of your family and friends' queries is to include an FAQ section on your wedding website , featuring a list of questions you're hearing often, along with your answers This wedding tradition series is aimed to answer all your questions about ceremonies and the meaning behind them, how to dress for different functions and unique aspects of the experience to embrace, traversing one culture at a time. Welcome to the tranquil oasis of Muslim weddings! Wedding Functions. Magn Bulgarian wedding traditions №1: The creation of the wedding flag. It might seem a bit far-fetched, but Bulgarian ancestors used to hang flags in their houses when there was a big wedding. It was usually put up high in the groom's house for everyone to see and was oriented towards the sun - as a sign of good fortune for the wedding couple 17 Common Wedding Traditions—And The Shocking History Behind Them. There are certain details of every Southern wedding that are implemented into the ceremony because, well, they're traditional. Think: burying the bourbon, cake pulls, seersucker suits, groom's cakes, and second-line wedding parades 8: Bingo With a Twist. This game is appropriate for all shower groups and keeps guests alert and interested during the long process of opening gifts. Most shower guests will be familiar with the game of Bingo. These two versions use the same playing format, but the game cards have a wedding shower theme

The origins and meaning behind some of our most cherished wedding traditions may surprise you. There are, of course, multiple explanations for each piece of wedding lore, and few can be definitively traced back to their roots. Below are some of the more common and popular stories behind these traditions. Tossing the Bouque IELTS Speaking Topic: Describe a wedding ceremony where you enjoyed a lot. You should say: Whose wedding this was. Where it was held. Who attended this wedding. Explain why you enjoyed this wedding a lot. Sample Answer: I would like to talk about wedding ceremony of my cousin where I had a lot of fun Most games need 30 to 40 questions. You can check the list of 75 questions below and pick the ones that you think are interesting. Make sure to know the audience. If there are a lot of kids, it's best to keep the questions family-friendly. The game usually lasts for 10 to 20 minutes. As each question is asked, the bride and the groom should. 9 out of 10. Missed the one about 2 kosher witnesses. Need to learn more about that. Reply. Elizabeth Morse salina August 2, 2020. OOPS it has been a long time since i was married under a Hupa 5/10 i need to do some studying. and retake this test - 5x7_BXL_NO112_ANSWER_KEY (faux kraft paper, one card) - 5x7_BXL_NO112_WHITE_ANSWER_KEY (black and white, one card) Super easy and the instructions were attached for parts I had questions on! Love! Purchased item: Wedding Traditions Game, Bridal Shower Games Printable, Bridal Shower Game Idea, Bridal Shower Instant Download, Wedding Game.

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The wedding night used to be pivotal for Christians. Tradition held that the married couple should show off a blood-stained white sheet the day after to prove that the bride was a virgin, and that the wedding had been consummated. If her virginity was not intact, the bride's mother often helped to produce a blood stain This wedding tradition series is aimed to answer all your questions about ceremonies and the meaning behind them, how to dress for different functions and unique aspects of the experience to embrace, traversing one culture at a time. Welcome to the vibrant traditions and lavish revelries of Marwari weddings! Wedding Functions Rok We can't wait to find out because their relationship is the stuff of fairytales, and we simply cannot get enough. Throughout this quiz, we'll dive into their pasts, their wedding and their current affairs. Once you're done, we'll tally up your answers and we'll let you know if you are a Harry and Meghan expert

Victoria is widely credited with making white wedding dresses the norm at Western weddings. Before this, brides wore whatever color they happened to like, but typically NOT white. The queen wanted something unique, so she asked her guests to avoid the color and chose a white silk-satin gown with lace trim 13-18 correct answers You're either a star stalker or obsessed with getting hitched. Either way, you're avoiding the real world by holing up with your wedding mags. You need to stop living vicariously through others. Don't let life pass you by. Switch off The Wedding Planner and go get yourself your own man! 7-12 correct answers Jun 23, 2021 - Looking for a fun and interactive game to play at an upcoming Bridal Shower, Wedding Shower, Engagement Party? Bridal Shower Jeopardy is the answer. Game can be played as teams or individuals. Game is played just like the TV show but in two rounds instead of three. Printable includes gam

Before the bridal shower, have the bride answer the questions and keep that as your answer key. Then, as guests arrive, give each guest a card. For each question, the guests write the answer. The bride can read the questions out loud and say what her answer was. Whoever gets the most answers correct, based on the answers the bride. Test your TV knowledge with 'Friends' trivia questions, answers and facts. Quiz yourself with questions about Friends' characters Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey and Phoebe The preparations of traditional Chinese Wedding. Bride prices and dowries - The groom-to-be should send the bride price to the groom-to-be's family before the wedding.The bride prices vary in different regions. For example, in Guangdong, they are chicken, coconut, wedding cakes and cash gift Being that Belize is a very diverse country with a variety of cultures. It is very difficult to specify the traditions, but based on the major ethnicities, here are some of examples of traditions in Belize. Creole - the telling of stories and proverbs. Garifuna - dancing and singing, for example, The John Canoe

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  1. Currently voted the best answer. The tradition of a best man probably has its origin with the Germanic Goths, when it was customary and preferable for a man to marry a woman from within his own community. When women came into short supply locally, eligible bachelors would have to seek out and capture a bride from a neighboring community
  2. The etiquette expert and co-author of Emily Post's Etiquette, 18th edition ($34; amazon.com), is here to set the record straight on some of the most frequently asked wedding dilemmas. Post answers all of your most pressing etiquette questions below, and clears up confusion around topics that range from plus ones to kids-free weddings
  3. Other articles where Wedding is discussed: Western dance: Jewish dance: Weddings provided another important occasion for ritual dancing. Dancing with the bride was considered an act of devotion, and the officiating rabbi always complied with pleasure. During the Diaspora of the early Christian Era many of the ritual dances disappeared, but the bridal dance continue
  4. In The Wedding Dance, he draws upon the culture of his ancestors to explore Filipino traditions along with the universal themes of love, suffering, and societal expectations. You can also read more information about Daguio to elevate your unit. A Quick Synopsis of The Wedding Dance. The Wedding Dance by Amador Daguio is a short story.
  5. Questions. These fun yet challenging questions will stump anyone who isn't a wedding expert! Let's begin the quiz now and find out how much you really know about weddings! Fun. This test is not based on any scientific study whatsoever. It is intended for fun only so do not treat the result too seriously :
  6. Answer Key: Mostly As—Traditional, Tried & True. You're old-school classic through and through. You appreciate pearls, lace and timeless traditions that will still look stylish in wedding photos on your 50th anniversary. Mostly Bs—Vintage Chic. You appreciate the sentiment of family heirlooms and antiques full of character and stories
  7. History and the times change, as do weddings traditions, and some for great reasons when considering its past. But wait! Before you read the origins of these traditions, try your hand at our quiz, Fun Wedding Trivia to Stump Just About Everyone, and then come back here to find explanations for each answer. The Honeymoo

This item: Bridal Shower Game Cards - 50 Wedding Traditions Game Sheets and 2 Answer Keys for Bride-to-Be Bachelorette, Engagement, Wedding Party, Floral Pink Pattern, 6 x 9 Inches $12.99 Only 12 left in stock - order soon Celebrity Wedding Trivia: Quiz Yourself On Stars' Craziest Wedding Facts. 11/30/2012 11:17am EST | Updated November 30, 2012. CULVER CITY, CA - NOVEMBER 03: TV personality Nicole Richie attends the 1st Annual Baby2Baby Gala at The BookBindery on November 3, 2012 in Culver City, California. (Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images

Wedding Traditions Game, Bridal Shower Games Printable, Bridal Shower Game Idea, Bridal Shower Instant Download, Wedding Game, Kraft Paper. Saved by Hera Printables. 4k The groom's family decorates the new home of the bride and groom. Also, in the Chinese tradition, the bride does not wear white, says Donna. She wears red, a symbol of good luck.. Red is also a symbol of happiness, says a smiling Jeff. It is a happy color. Yes, the double happiness signs from our wedding are still up in. One modern wedding tradition is for the bride to wear a white dress, which symbolizes purity. It's common for the groom to wear a tuxedo, although some choose more informal attire. It is customary to have a wedding party in weddings to accompany the bride and groom. The bride will choose her bridesmaids and will designate one the maid of honor, while the groom chooses his groomsmen and. To answer this, we must look to the lyrics of a schoolyard classic: First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage! It used to be assumed that when there was a wedding. Grey Wedding Traditions Guessing Game - Why Do We Do That? These rustic Grey Wedding Traditions Guessing Bridal Shower Game cards are a fun bridal shower game to add to your next bridal shower or wedding shower. Play this fun and unique bridal shower game with your friends and family by having them match each wedding tradition with its origin

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Answer: In late summer Hindus celebrate Ganesha Chaturthi, a 10-day festival celebrating the birth of Ganesha, the supreme god of wisdom, prosperity, and good fortune. Question: What is the largest religious structure in the world? Answer: A temple dating back to the early 12th century, Angkor Wat is located in Cambodia With every different culture, comes different Wedding traditions and customs and Russian Brides can expect some of the most cheeky, jaw-dropping and fun traditions we've heard. From obstacle courses to kidnapping, here are 10 quirky Wedding traditions straight from Russia with love. 1. Maze Runner On the morning of the Wedding, the Groom can't simply [ 2 - French Wedding Party and Dress Code. 3 - City Hall AND Church French Marriage Traditions. 4 - Le Vin D'honneur - French Wedding Tradition. 5 - Le Repas de Noces - the French Wedding Meal. 6 - The Traditional Family and Friend French Wedding Show. 7 - Dancing is Likely at a French Marriage. 8 - Other French Wedding.

Orthodox Wedding Ceremony Question. My fiancé is Macedonian and was raised in the Orthodox church. As a result, it would be very meaningful for him to have an Orthodox wedding ceremony. I, on the other hand, was not raised in any particular religion and do not have a Macedonian cultural heritage My Big Fat Greek Wedding - Hidden vs. Visible Culture. Toula is a mousy, Greek-American woman who still lives with her family. She works as a Hostess for the family restaurant. Toula is a late bloomer who goes through a physical and educational transformation at age 30. Toula then starts working for her aunt's travel agency The origins and the traditions of the Chinese wedding vary slightly according to the ethics and the regions. But the most standard one will be the three letters and the six rules. Records of these Chinese wedding traditions can be found in the book of rites from Warring state period (402-221 B.C) dating back over 2400 years The wedding garter is an age-old tradition. Learn all about its meaning and discover answers to every wedding garter question you can think of

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6. Kidnapping the Bride. One of the Ukrainian wedding reception traditions is the kidnapping of the bride. Numerous times throughout the night, the bride would disappear from the banquet hall and be held captive by her bridesmaids until the groom carried out some dares But if your traditions are more in-flux or if you want a much more personal ceremony, you may have some work to do. Having guided a lot of couples — not to mention my fiancée — through the process of planning a wedding, here are my top seven questions to get you going on a personalized wedding ceremony that reflects your relationshi

Armenian Wedding Receptions Gifts for the Bride and Groom. For anyone that is attending an Armenian wedding as a guest and is concerned about cultural gift etiquette, there are 5 types of gifts that are highly appreciated.. For Armenian couples in North America, it is also important to understand that you should not have explicit expectations for gifts if you have not created a wedding registry The chupah is a canopy which sits atop four poles and is usually ornately decorated. The marriage ceremony takes place beneath this canopy which is open on all sides. This is a demonstration of the couple's commitment to establish a home which will always be open to guests, as was the tent of Abraham and Sarah.. Many have the custom for the chupah to be held beneath the open skies Wedding Ceremony. The wedding ceremony is your big moment, and deserves just as much careful attention as the rest of your celebration. After all, saying I do is what makes you married! From writing your vows to choosing the perfect officiant, we've got the advice and insight you need to make your ceremony truly memorable. All 83.

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Answer. Traditionally Orthodox Christians wear their wedding rings on their right hands, not their left. However, in Europe in general, whether in an Orthodox country or a non-Orthodox country, people wear their rings on the right hand. The custom of wearing rings on the left hand, to my knowledge, is a peculiarly American custom This essay will focus on the differences in Greek and American cultures and traditions, using the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding as the source material. It will try to answer the pros and cons of marrying someone of the same culture, and also discuss immigration challenges QUIZ: Plan Your Nigerian Wedding And We Will Guess Your Relationship Status. Itohan Esekheigbe. July 29, 2020. Our special scientists have figured out a way to guess your relationship status with just a quiz. Take it, and let our state of the art science do the rest

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It can be tough to track down traditions. When it comes to weddings and traditions many people just do them and don't ask why. As a designer of stylish wedding garters, and custom garters, I thought it only fitting to share with you what I discovered about the history of wedding garters.. This is the another wedding planning advice post in my wedding garter 101 blog series where I'll answer. Romantic Comedy Quiz: Answers and Winners! Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Here are the results of the Romantic Comedy quiz: 8,963 players took the quiz. 892 players scored 100%. The question missed by the most players was#22! (Only 35% of players got it right.) The question that was guessed correctly by the most players was#4! (96% of. Wedding Servers. The Interlaken Inn. Lakeville, CT 06039. Up to $350 a day ++. Easily apply. Responsive employer. Urgently hiring. Preparing setup for weddings and private parties for up to 225 people. We host 40+ weddings a year on property and service a diverse clientele

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Your wedding will be a once-in-a-lifetime event if you choose a Hawaiian wedding officiated by an authentic Hawaiian Kahuna. Kahu Silva loves to launch your lives together with traditional Hawaiian chant and blessings. Say your vows together on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, palms waving overhead, while fresh blossoms frame the [ You'll also find answers to frequently asked questions, do's & don'ts, and personal reflections, plus ideas for traditional and nontraditional weddings. This modern-day etiquette companion is the perfect wedding-planning partner. Now, you can relax and enjoy preparing for your special day! An outstanding resource for anyone planning a wedding

Free Printable Why Do we Do That, Game for Bridal ShowerINSTANT DOWNLOAD: Bridal Shower Game Bundle Greenery | Etsy34 Wedding Shower Game You Will Like – Trendy Weddingwhy do we do that tradition wedding tradition game bridalCads About Matrimony: a game for the snark-loving

Every culture has its own fabulous traditions - here are some of the most wonderful, as well as the most unusual Chinese ones! 1. Planned Crying You read correctly. A traditional Chinese custom demands one month before the wedding, the bride must cry on purpose for an hour each day. One week in, the mother [ A Wedding Like No Other. Of all the special occasions in life, your wedding is one of the most special. From Yes! to I do and beyond, we look at weddings from the perspective of honoring tradition as well as moving with the times Trivia quiz questions and answers may be a difficult aspect of formulating a quiz, with so many potential options available to composers. People can cover a vast range of subjects, making them. Post-Listening Exercise. There are many different customs and traditions for celebrating (or not) wedding anniversaries around the world. Explain one or two ways in which couples celebrate their wedding anniversary, whether it be the first, tenth, or fiftieth The Wedding Model. In this second article in our series on the Rapture, we will explore another reason why we favor a pre-tribulation view of the Harpz, the snatching up of the Church.. All through the Gospels, Jesus relied on the ancient Jewish wedding pattern for many of His parables, 1 climaxing in His promise in the Upper Room in John 14 (as reviewed in our previous article) As a professional wedding planner, I've arranged more than 50 weddings, including my own. As a result, I've fielded my fair share of queries, ranging from sincere and kind-hearted to bizarre and unexpected. So read on for the answers to 10 questions guests are too embarrassed to ask