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AC 22. 2021 Announces Draft General Records Schedules for Agency Review; Simplified GRS in Excel Format (contains all current GRS items, but does not contain the full text of the GRS); AC Memo Announced the release of Transmittal 31; AC 25.2019 is a reminder that records management guidance is available for agencies implementing Executive Order 13875, titled Evaluating and Improving the. Records Retention Schedule (Source: Internal Revenue Service) All material presented is for general information . only and should not be acted upon without professional assistance This records retention schedule authorizes the destruction/transfer of public records documenting common functions and activities of state government agencies, including universities and community and technical colleges. It is to be used in conjunction with the other approved schedules that relate to the unique functions of the agency General records schedules can cover a significant proportion of an agency's record series. The . General Records Schedule GS1-SL for State and Local Government Agencies. can be used by all state and local agencies in determining their records retention requirements. Certain agencies can use other general records schedules in conjunction with th

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Records Retention Schedules The Bureau of Records Management places all public records on Records Retention Schedules that list the minimum legal and fiscal time periods they must be retained by state and local governmental and educational agencies Records with historical value, identified as permanent, are transferred to the National Archives of the United States at the end of their retention period. All other records are identified as temporary and are eventually destroyed in accordance with the NARA Records Schedule or the General Records Schedule General Records Retention and Disposition Schedules. General Administrative Records Retention and Disposition Schedule (GARRDS) #100.3 [PDF] Commissioner General Administrative Records Retention and Disposition Schedule #200.2 [PDF] Local Government #300.1 [PDF] School Districts #400.1 [PDF] Agency Records Retention and Disposition Schedules Before using the general schedules, please read the information on how to use the schedules and carefully note to whom or to what type records the schedules apply and to whom the schedules do not apply. If you have questions about the general schedules, contact the Records Management Division at 803-896-6203

State agency records retention schedules set both minimum and maximum retention ​periods. This requires that records be appropriately disposed of (for example, destroyed, transferred to the State Archives) when the retention period has been met The General Records Retention Schedule for administrative records for Wisconsin state agencies is designed to cover records created in the process of planning and carrying out the administrative tasks of an agency or office that are not covered by agency program-specific or other approved general schedules Retention Schedules for Texas State Agencies and Public Universities A records retention schedule is a document that identifies and describes a state agency's records and the lengths of time that each type of record must be retained. Texas state agencies and public universities are required to submit their retention schedules to TSLAC on a timetable established b

General Records Schedule The General Records Schedules No. 1-11, 2002, Revised 5/06 are retention and disposition schedules for common records, such as personnel, accounting, and administrative records series used by most agencies The records retention schedule is intended to ensure that employees adhere to approved recordkeeping requirements, and that they do so consistently. Retention Schedules. Retention provides a minimum period of time that a specific type of record must be retained and preserved and the appropriate disposal method (toss, shred, etc) General Record Schedules (GRSs) are a mechanism for systematic retention and disposition of similar types of records across all government units. GRSs eliminate the need for state agencies to develop and seek approval of their own records retention disposition authorizations (RDAs). They lend consistency to recordkeeping across all government. General Records Retention Schedules — these schedules are state regulations issued by the State Archives and are published in the Code of Laws of South Carolina 1976, as amended. When a general schedule applies to records already covered under a specific schedule, the general schedule will su Schedules. The General Records Retention Schedule is divided into sections according to the category of record, (e.g., Accounting and Financial, Administrative, Electronic, and Personnel). 3. Review the State General Records Retention Schedule and locate all records used by your agency. If a record cannot be located within a record series in.

General Heute bestellen, versandkostenfrei The files below are related policies concerning Records Management. General Records Retention and Disposition Schedules. General Schedule (PDF) General Records Retention and Disposition Schedule (M210.9) (PDF) Personnel (M505.4) (PDF) Accounting (PDF) Records Management - General. 1992-1 Records Management (Executive Order) (PDF GENERAL RECORDS RETENTION AND DISPOSAL SCHEDULE #16 MICHIGAN TRIAL COURTS INTRODUCTION This records retention and disposal schedule lists the records that are created and maintained by Michigan trial courts, for what period they are to be retained, and when those records can be disposed of. Information regarding how to maintain these records See the Specific Records Retention Schedules for State Agencies page for records that are unique to specific agencies. For superseded or obsolete General Records Retention Schedules, contact the Office of the Public Records Administrator for assistance. Show. 10 25 50 100

The General Records Retention Schedule contains the listing of common record series used by all local government agencies. As noted in the introduction, the instruction provided within this schedule reflects the minimum length of time While the General Schedule applies to records that are created, used and maintained by staff at all or most state agencies, agency-specific retention schedules apply to records that are created only by a particular state agency, or to records that a state agency is required to retain longer than the approved time period on the General Schedule Retention Schedules for Texas State Agencies and Public Universities A records retention schedule is a document that identifies and describes a state agency's records and the lengths of time that each type of record must be retained. Texas state agencies and public universities are required to submit their retention schedules to TSLAC on a timetable established b The General Schedule List found below are recommended records retention schedules developed by the Ohio Department of Administrative Services (DAS) for general business functions of a government agency. While State Agencies may create their own records retention schedules, they can also adopt any of these general schedules as a retention.

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  1. imum and maximum retention periods. This requires that records be appropriately disposed of (for example, destroyed, transferred to the State Archives) when the retention period has been met. Help us blaze a better trail. Let us know how we can improve this page
  2. General Record Schedules. General Record Schedules (GRS) provide consistency in recordkeeping by Vermont public agencies for common functions and activities carried out by more than one public agency. Any Vermont public agency may adopt any or all of the requirements in a general record schedule approved by the Vermont State Archivist and implement through their own internal policies and.
  3. A Records Retention and Disposition Schedule (or retention schedule, for short) is an official document, created by a government agency and approved by the State Archivist. A retention schedule lists every type of record that the agency generates. For each record type (also known as a record series) on a retention schedule, the retention.
  4. A02-04: Executive Orders, Directives, and Bulletins Records See sub-schedules for specific retention periods. Documents the process to develop and issue official orders, decisions, and directives to agency staff. Includes background support materials, final issuances, and related correspondence
  5. General Retention Schedule documents are available on this website in the .pdf format. In order to view or print them, you must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. To download a free copy of Adobe Reader, click on the icon below. NOTE: If you are experiencing problems opening PDFs using IE8, please place the mouse over the selected PDF, right-click then select Open in New Tab or Open.

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  1. Retention periods listed on this schedule apply to all records regardless of physical form or characteristics. Records, regardless of format (including electronic, paper, microfilm, etc.) not listed in this schedule or on the approved General Retention Schedule, are not authorized to be destroyed
  2. istrative and Management Records
  3. General Records Schedule. and individual agency records retention schedules. Record e-mail, which also may include text and instant messages (text messages in real-time), shall be retained for the same period of time as the records series that most closely matches the subject matter contained within the e-mail. If there is no entry that.
  4. Retention and disposition of records that are common to many offices are included in the General Schedule. Records unique to particular offices are addressed in individual office schedules. For more information on using the retention schedules, Local Records has prepared a short video: Retention Basics-Using the Retention Schedules (New, 05/2020
  5. General Records Schedule RECORD SERIES TITLE/SUBTITLE AND DESCRIPTION IF APPLICABLE DESTROY STATUTORY REFERENCE ADMINISTRATION ACCIDENT/INCIDENT REPORTS Reports of accidents to persons on City property or in any other situation in which the City could be a party to a RECORDS RETENTION SCHEDULE . ADMINISTRATION
  6. General Records Retention Schedules. The UW General Records Retention Schedule is the primary source of retention requirements for the records created, received, and used by the University of Washington. Organized by sections, based upon the function of the record, the General Schedule contains record series that are common to most University.

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This General Records Retention Schedule (General Schedule) is organized by record series. A record series is a group of relat ed records filed and/or used together as a unit and therefore evaluated as a unit for retention and disposition purposes. A records retention schedule is a comprehensiv The General Records Retention Schedule is applicable to all county agencies. It provides guidance on the retention of records common to most county agencies. General Records Retention Schedule, Version 3 approved July 18, 2017 Agency-Specific Records Retention Schedules. The agency-specific records retention schedules are developed for. General Services Records Retention Schedules . The table below list records retention schedules for the Ohio Attorney General's Office that have been approved by the Department of Administrative Services (DAS), State Archives, and Auditor of State. To view the official agency retention schedules, please go to the . Ohio Government Records. General Records Schedules (GRS) and State of Hawaii Records Disposition Authorizations (Archives Form SA-1). The GRS set the minimum record retention and disposition requirements for common records created and maintained by State Executive and Legislative agencies. General Records Schedules and Record Disposition Authorizations The current GRS.

Home Intergovernmental Services Records Retention Schedule. Records Retention Schedule. Act 918 of 2005 requires that all state agencies, boards, and commissions comply with the Arkansas General Records Retention Schedule upon the earlier of either July 1, 2007, or receipt of the necessary line-item appropriation retention and disposition of public records is in accordance with current, approved records retention schedules. Authority This records retention schedule was approved by the State Records Committee in accordance with RCW 40.14.050 on August 5, 2020. Signature on Fil General records schedules establish retention requirements for records documenting administrative and program functions common to several or all government agencies, such as personnel, accounting, purchasing, and general administration. General records schedules can cover up to 75-80 percent of an agency's record series implementation of a well-developed records retention schedule. A retention schedule is a plan for the management of your records. This School District General Records Retention Schedule establishes minimum . retention periods for school district records based on their administrative, fiscal, legal and historical value

OSU has two types of retention schedules: OSU General Records Retention Schedule - guides the management and disposition of university record series that are common to multiple units across campus.Any Ohio State unit can use the General Schedule. Unique Retention Schedules - contains record series that are unique to a particular unit's operations retention schedule should be used on regular basis, along with the agency specific schedule for that agency. For example: If you are a sheriff or a city you would use the County Sheriff Records Retention Schedule or the Municipal Government Records Retention Schedule and the Local Government General Records Retention Schedule respectively This General Records Retention Schedule [General Schedule] was originally posted in January 2018, and subsequently revised on June 5, 2018 and November 28, 2018. It replaces all previous General Records Retention Schedules. It is organized alphabetically. A print version of this schedule is also available, organized into 6 broad categories

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Using these Retention Schedules Records in this schedule are grouped by topic. The records under each topic constitute a records series. Each record in the series is given a number consisting of the series designation plus a number designating the order in which the record is listed within the series MUNICIPAL AGENCIES GENERAL RECORDS RETENTION SCHEDULE M100000-013 Prepared by: Department of the Treasury, Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services, Records Management Services 2300 Stuyvesant Avenue, PO Box 307 Trenton, NJ 08625-0307 609.530.320

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The records described in Schedule 1 are the general, management, and administrative types of records essential to ordinary office operations but distinct from the records of functional activities as set forth in other NASA Records Retention Schedules General Records Retention Schedule for County Auditors and Treasurers . State of Minnesota April 2018 . Date Date Dat General Records Retention Schedules for Data Processing and Electronic Records of State Agencies and Institutions 6 2. Locate and examine all your records. 3. Match each records series with the title and description on the general schedule. Then follow the retention instructions for that series. (Note: you are not required to request. Schedule. The General Records Retention Schedule is divided into sections according to the category of record, (e.g., accounting and financial, administrative, electronic, and personnel). 3. Review the State General Records Retention Schedule and Locate all records used by your agency. If a record cannot be located within a record series in the. In the Division text box, click on the Down arrow and select General Retention (006) to search record series used by the entire ND University System. Select additional criteria and filters as you wish or as it may be applicable. Click on Search Record Series; a listing of all the record series will appear below the Search Record Series box

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166-300-0010 State Agency General Records Retention Schedules This General Schedule is applicable to the records of all state agencies. They apply to the official copy of all public records, regardless of medium or physical format, created or stored by the above specified agencies Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records General Records Retention Schedule for All Public Bodies Human Resources/Personnel Records Schedule Number: 000-12-21 Authorization and Approval Pursuant to ARS §41-151.12, the retention periods listed herein are the minimum amount of time records may be kept Records Retention and Disposition Schedule and any other applicable guidelines for their office. If there is a required retention period for these records, that requirement must be followed. When in doubt about whether a record is transitory or whether it has special significance or importance, retain the record in question and see GENERAL RETENTION SCHEDULE #23 ELECTIONS RECORDS INTRODUCTION Public Records The Michigan Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) (MCL 15.231-15.246) defines public records as recorded information prepared, owned, used, in the possession of, or retained by a public body in the performance of an official function, from the time it is created

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The General Records Retention and Disposition Schedule (General Schedule) provides Commonwealth of Pennsylvania agencies with retention period requirements and disposal authorization for records common to most agencies. It specifies how long to retain agency records, identifies those agency records having permanent/archival value, an General record schedules codify retention policies for record types which are common to all offices across the organization. Rather than making each office secure its own specific retention schedule (as otherwise required by State Statute), the University Records Officer develops campus-wide general record retention schedules that set minimum. Retention Schedules. Schedules are for all Public Bodies in the State of Arizona. These include General Schedules and Custom Schedules. Archives and Records Management Forms and Approvals. PDFs of transfer forms, disposition and destruction forms, and imaging and microfilming forms. Guidance, Standards and Statute

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  1. The Office-Wide/General Records Retention Schedules listed below may be used by any section, division, or unit of the Ohio Attorney General's Office that creates or maintains the types of records described in each of the following records retention schedules. The Office-Wide retention schedules were developed specifically for the Ohio.
  2. RECORDS RETENTION AND DISPOSITION SCHEDULE . GENERAL RECORDS SCHEDULE . FOR LOCAL GOVERNMENT AGENCIES . Issued By: North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources . Division of Archives and Records . Government Records Section . March 1, 201
  3. tax assessment periods, taxpayers should retain certain records for longer periods, and in some cases, indefinitely. Tax return, results of an audit by a tax authority, general ledgers, and financial statements should normally be kept indefinitely. Sample record retention periods are included herein. Please note that this table shoul
  4. istrative, legal or fiscal purposes) to the State Archives for approval. Agencies must renew their records retention schedules every.
  5. Compliance with these retention schedules is mandatory for state agencies and county governments, although not for other local government such as cities or townships. The General Schedule includes records common to all agencies, while the agency-specific schedule is a customized schedule addressing a single agency's or office's records

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Search Retention Schedules. Agency specific retention schedules list and describe the records that are unique to a particular state agency and the records that they create or receive in the course of conducting business. These schedules indicate the minimum amount of time an agency must keep the records General Records Retention Schedules — these schedules are state regulations issued by the State Archives and are published in the Code of Laws of South Carolina,1976, as amended. When a schedule. General Records Retention Schedule for State Colleges and Universities General Records Disposition Schedule for State Colleges and Universities. Records disposition schedules are reviewed and approved by the Archives and Records Commission as provided in Chapter 10A of Title 67 of the Oklahoma Statutes and in the rules for the Commission as set out in Title 60 of the Oklahoma Administrative Code Record Retention Schedule = A record retention schedule provides the framework for an effective record management program. It provides the basis for decisions related to minimum record retention and approveddispositions of records. The General Schedule is intended to provide guidance for consistent record keeping across the campuses of the MUS. The General Records Retention Schedule (General Schedule) of the Montana University System governs the management and disposition of university records. The majority of records listed on this General Schedule are common to many units across campuses. II. Purpose. The purpose of General Schedule is to create a uniform set of schedules for the.

The General Records Retention and Disposition Schedule is a tool for employees of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of North Carolina System Office to use when managing the records of the University. It lists records found in the administrative, academic, and health affairs units of the University and provides. In general, items on Retention and Disposition Schedule for New York Local Government the Records are arranged as they were in the previous schedules, with a few significant exceptions: • General Administration section: This new section combines the former General and Miscellaneous sections

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  1. General Retention Schedule. The General Retention Schedule covers the retention period of broad types of records. If you are looking for a specific record, first look in the Department Specific Retention Schedule. If you can't find your record in either retention schedule, check the list of Records that do not need to be Retained
  2. GENERAL RETENTION SCHEDULE FOR PAYROLL/PERSONNEL RECORDS 3 CD 46: Shift Differential *Updates effective: 1/1/2016 GROUP NUMBER FORM: DESCRIPTION OF RECORDS RECOMMENDED RETENTION PERIOD 7 HBD 21: Health Benefits Plan for Direct Payment While in Non-pay Status Retain as Current until superseded or canceled. 8 HBD 38
  3. Records Retention/Data Practices; Parliamentary Procedure; Links; Retiree Connection; 2023 IIMC Annual Conference in MINNEAPOLIS!!! In Resources & Links: General Records Retention Schedule for MN Cities. Sample Records Retention Documents.pdf. DATA PRACTICES POWERPOINT PRESENTATION
  4. The purpose of the University Records Retention Schedule is to ensure that: Official records are maintained for as long as they are needed to satisfy legal, regulatory, and operational requirements. Obsolete records are disposed of in a systematic and controlled manner. Records of continuing value are identified for preservation
  5. imum time necessary to retain the records. There may be conditions or factors in a local government that require retention of a particular record series for a longer period than is required by the general
  6. GENERAL RETENTION SCHEDULE FOR PAYROLL/PERSONNEL RECORDS GROUP NUMBER FORM DESCRIPTION OF RECORDS RECOMMENDED RETENTION PERIOD 1. CD 37 Payroll Transaction Retain two years from end of pay period involved. Then retain two more years or until audited, whichever occurs first. 2. CD 38 Payroll Warrant Register Retain two years fro
  7. Records Retention Program. Records commonly used by all agencies are identified on the General Records Retention Schedule. All other records are found on department/division specific retention schedules. View information on Record Series by entering search criteria in the area below. 1
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The Public Records Administration works with agencies to develop records retention and disposition schedules, enabling timely disposal or retention as permanent records of the state. Municipal records retention and disposition schedules are developed by the Local Government Records program in consultation with municipal agencies Kansas Records Retention Schedules Results of Query: Agency Code: 000 (All General Schedules) Search Type: State Records Page 1 of 1 showing 110 records of 110 total, starting on record 1. Agency Number: 000-001 State General Retention and Disposition Schedule Administrative. SERIES ID.

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State Agency General Records Retention Schedules For use by the executive, judicial, and legislative branch agencies as well as official state boards, commissions, and task forces. State Agency General Records Schedules . Back to Retention Schedules Back to Government Service

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Consolidated General Records Disposition Schedule * October 22, 2020 * The authorized dispositions listed in this General Records Disposition Schedule for State Universities and Colleges stipulate the minimum retention periods for the records of state supported institutions of higher education in the State of Oklahoma RM Home > Records Retention Schedules: Overview > General Records Retention Schedules. General records retention schedules relate to records that are commonly encountered throughout the University. These schedules apply to all University offices and should be adopted immediately. Visit Using General Schedules for implementation guidance General Records Schedule Component Action Menu ${title} ${loading} Actions. USDA FAQ's and resources about coronavirus (COVID-19). LEARN MORE. Handbooks/Manuals/Guides / APHIS Records Management Handbook / Records Schedules / General Records Schedule ; General Records Schedule The Arkansas General Records Retention Schedule Amended August 2006 - version 2.0 6 General Schedule (GS) 01 ~ General Administrative Records This category includes records regarding state agency policies, activities and actions, including information releases, public information, office files, and requests for information Schedules Records Retention and Disposition Schedule (For UNC-Chapel Hill and UNC System, April 2019) Records Retention and Disposition Schedule (February 2021 UNC System-Wide Schedule-NEW) UNC-Chapel Hill University Archives University Archives

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The Archives and Records Management Division of the South Carolina Department of Archives and History has prepared this general retention and disposition schedule to give schools the legal authorization to retain and dispose of common administrative records. The schedule lists the permanently valuable records, which should be properly protected and transferred to the State Archives, and it. Records Retention. Pursuant to 1 V.S.A. § 317a (Management of Public Records) all public records are considered permanent unless destruction has been authorized under a record schedule approved by the State Archivist or by law. The term record schedule means: Any General Record Schedules (GRS) issued by VSARA and approved by the State Archivist for all (state and local) public agencies; an DISPOSING OF RECORDS 1. Check your schedules to see what the retention period is. Note: Your agency's unique schedule will take precedence over General Records Schedule #24 for any items which have differences in retention requirements. 2. Dispose of records that have met their retention periods. 3. For records requiring a review of, or. This schedule applies to common records managed by all campus units. This records retention schedule will supersede the previous, department-specific schedules. Selected areas of campus with unique recordkeeping requirements have their own individual records retention schedules, which shall be used in conjunction with the general schedule General Records Retention And Disposition Schedule For All State Of Indiana Administrative Agencies EXCEPTIONS: Exceptions to general record series may be granted by the Oversight Committee on Public Records only after submission of sufficient justification by the agency