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Is it a sin to shave your beard? Is shaving beard a sin? Males wear beards in conformity with injunctions given in the Bible, such as Leviticus 21:5, which reads They shall not make any baldness on their heads, nor shave off the edges of their beards, nor make any cuts in their flesh. The beard is a symbol of the covenant between God and. Alternatively, a round bald spot might be shaved on the head. It is this type of false worship the Bible forbids. Shaving one's beard and cutting one's hair for normal good grooming is something entirely different and not at all condemned in the Scriptures Regarding women shaving, Scripture says that it is disgraceful for a woman to shave her head (1 Corinthians 11:5-6) and that her hair is a glory to her (v. 15 KJV). Other than the hair and beard, the Bible nowhere directly mentions shaving any other part of the body Indeed, if God thought that it was a sin to shave your beard in general, He wouldn't have given clear commandments to shave in the instances addressed above. That being said, it is certainly not a sin to shave your beard. However (and this is a big however), why would you want to

Clean face make women lust on you that's why it can be a sin. It means that you show your sexuality. But when you have a beard you face is hidden and it doesn't evoke sexual fantasies in women's mind. It is same as hijab for women First of all, while there are a lot of opinions about sin, I doubt that anyone would seriously suggest that shaving, not shaving, shaving in a particular way, some other type of shaving your beard (or whatever you might think of to shave), is a sin In that day the Lord will shave with a razor that is hired beyond the River—with the king of Assyria—the head and the hair of the feet, and it will sweep away the beard also. Proverbs 15:3-14 ESV / 7 helpful vote

c. 475 A rule is made that no cleric should grow long hair or shave his beard. It's very out of step with its time, and several copyists simply changed it to No cleric should grow long hair or.. But on the seventh day he shall shave all the hair off his head and his beard and his eyebrows-all his hair he shall shave off. He shall wash his clothes and wash his body in water, and he shall be clean (Leviticus 14:8-9). This and several other required actions would lead a person to be pronounced clean once again The beard soon fell out of favor among clerics, though, and Christian holy men were forbidden to sport facial hair for several centuries before the ban was relaxed during the Renaissance. In today.

There are many Christians today that were taught in Bible colleges by professors that reacted against the hippy generation and established a tradition that considered being clean shaved is an image of holiness If your beard looks bad, it is a sign you are apathetic. If it looks good, it is a sign you are prideful. Rebellion is a related idea to both, with the same responses, so I'll address that concurrently. Only lacking a beard is considered evidence that you both look respectable, yet are not concerned with your own appearance It is referring to the practice of shaving idolatrous signs into the hair or beard, much like some shaving gang signs on their heads. There were times when the Israelites were required to shave their entire bodies, which would include the pubic hair, such as when a man has been cleansed from leprosy You are the sons of the LORD your God; you shall not cut yourselves nor shave your forehead for the sake of the dead. Deut. 14:1 (NASB) Cutting of the Hair. The Jewish people were allowed to cut their hair for a number of reasons. The following is a list of Bible references to people who cut their hair, including some whom God told to cut their. You shall not shave around the sides of your head, nor shall you disfigure the edges of your beard (Leviticus 19:27). The New International Version, which you quoted from does a poor job translating this verse by making the Hebrew statement more vague than the original

To shave your pubic area or notcommon on now. I think this subject is just plain ridiculous. What does personal grooming preference have to do with being a Christian or not. It is like asking should Christians take a shower before sex. Yes I would think so and that is plain common sense Under the Mosaic Law it was a sin because the Israelites had entered a covenant with God in which they promised to abide by everything that God commanded. So if he commanded that they should not shave and they did-that would have been disobedience or a breach of the Covenant and therefor a sin. The Book of Deuteronom They shall not make bald patches on their heads, nor shave off the edges of their beards, nor make any cuts on their body. They shall be holy to their God and not profane the name of their God. For they offer the Lord 's food offerings, the bread of their God; therefore they shall be holy. Acts 18:18 ESV / 306 helpful vote 27 Ye shall not round the corners of your heads, neither shalt thou mar the corners of thy beard. 28 Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the Lord. If you shave your cheeks, you end up with a style of beard known as the goatee Christians are to be known for their meekness, holiness, and love for each other, not their defiance. We are to do all things in a way that honors the Lord. First Peter 1:17 calls on us to live out your time as foreigners here in reverent fear

October 13, 2017. Torah Portions, Apologetics, FAQ. Author: David Wilber. As Christians around the world are embracing the roots of their faith and returning to what the Bible says about many practical issues, a very relevant question is often asked: Should men shave their beards? Some might consider this to be a silly question to begin with Ye shall not round the corners of your heads, neither shalt thou mar the corners of thy beard. New King James Version You shall not shave around the sides of your head, nor shall you disfigure the edges of your beard. New American Standard Bibl For an ample beard suffices for men. And if one, too, shave a part of his beard, it must not be made entirely bare, for this is a disgraceful sight. Even today Christian clergy in Greece, Russia, Romania and other Orthodox communities wear untrimmed beards and hair However, lest there be any confusion at this point, what is advocated herein is not in any way that the wearing of a beard would somehow make a man more godly, or that a person who shaves his beard away daily would be somehow sinning (although if the motive for shaving is to purposefully to look more feminine, then it would be sin)

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1 JOHN 3:4, Says that Sin is the Breaking of the Law.The Law In Leviticus 19:27. Our Creator told us not to Disfigure the edges of our Beard.He said that he. You asked if shaving is a sin. I just showed you a link with a list of verses about shaving. Shaving was not prohibited unless one had taken a Nazirite vow during which time certain things were not to be done. Under Israel's purity laws there were times when it was commanded to shave the head such as in Numbers 6:9

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  1. God pity you people who call yourselves Christians and wear your long hair, beard and sideburns like a bunch of heathens. God, clean you up! Go to the barber shop tomorrow morning, and I am not kidding. It is time God's people looked like God's people. Good night, let folks know you are saved
  2. Again, if Leviticus 19:27 was meant to be a commandment against shaving, the Hebrew word that means 'to remove hair' would have been used instead. In conclusion, it is certainly not a sin to shave your beard. However (and this is a big however), why would you want to
  3. ate reasons). A study of the Bible regarding beards and the Jewish history simply proves that the normal thing for a man is to have a beard
  4. Torah, Beards, and Hair Length. In Leviticus 19:27, Yahweh says not to shave the sides of our heads, nor to disfigure the edges of our beards. 27 You shall not shave around the sides of your head, nor shall you disfigure the edges of your beard.. Some believe this means we should never cut our hair or beards (but always to let them grow.

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Shaving. The signification of shaving the head and the beard is to reject such things as are of the exterior natural; for hair that was shaved off signifies this natural (AC 3301).The hair both of the head and of the beard corresponds in the Grand Man to the exterior natural; and therefore sensuous men (that is, they who have believed nothing but what is natural, and have not been willing to. Cutting Hair Baldness Dividing Into Three Things Arts And Crafts, Types of Beards. As for you, son of man, take a sharp sword; take and use it as a barber's razor on your head and beard. Then take scales for weighing and divide the hair. Judges 16:17. Verse Concepts The head of a Russian branch of Christianity backed by Putin has said that shaving makes you gay. Metropolitan Kornily, Primate of the Russian Orthodox Old Believer Church, said men should stop.

Hadith on Sunnah: Trimming moustache, letting beard grow. Ibn Umar reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, Be different from the idolaters. Let the beard grow and trim the moustache. Whenever Ibn Umar, may Allah be pleased with him, performed the Hajj or Umrah pilgrimage, he would grab hold of his beard and cut. A religious belief can include non-organized religions and convictions. If the employee truly believes that the religious practice is necessary (regardless of your own opinion), then you as the employer must explore accommodation options. A recent case decided by the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals hammers home this point Origins of Shaving Bans in Judaism. Prohibitions against shaving likely stem from the fact that in Biblical times, shaving or shaping facial hair was a pagan practice. Maimonides said that cutting the corners of the beard was an idolatrous custom ( Moreh 3:37), as it is believed that the Hittites, Elamites, and Sumerians were clean-shaven Many western Christian faiths encourage the growth of beards, such as Mennonites, Anabaptists and Amish. The Eastern Christian faiths also encourage beard growth at least among the clergy. I could find no Christian sect which had Commandment #11, Thou shall not shave in their Catechism. It seems more of a subcultural norm than a theological. Last year, Christianity Today published a handy-dandy guide to parsing a Christian man's theology, denomination and profession by the cut of his beard. Bonus Weird-O Beard-O Fact: In 1830, a pastor in Fitchburg, Mass., preached against the luscious beard of parishioner Joseph Palmer and denied him Communion until he shaved

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  1. James 4:17 - Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin. Isaiah 7:20 - In the same day shall the Lord shave with a razor that is hired, namely, by them beyond the river, by the king of Assyria, the head, and the hair of the feet: and it shall also consume the beard
  2. I was a young teenager when I first shaved my legs. I was the last of my friends to do it, and it felt like a rite of passage. Grown up women were hairy, grown up women shaved their legs. It didn't occur to me to ask what Jesus thought of shaving your legs. When I got married I remember asking my husband what he preferred. He'd made some comment about armpit hair that my sisters had teased.
  3. Judaism prohibits shaving with a razor on the basis of a rabbinic interpretation of Leviticus 19:27, which states, You shall not round off the side-growth on your head, or destroy the side-growth of your beard. The Mishnah interprets this as a prohibition on using a razor on the beard. This prohibition is further expanded upon in kabbalistic literature
  4. Shaving the head can also be seen as an act of humility for adults. For example, at the Kumbha Mela the first ritual observed by most pilgrims is the mundana ceremony, the shaving of the head. Hair is considered the symbol of vanity, and in order to receive the full benefits of a pilgrimage to a holy place, one must first give up vanity
  5. The verbal context of the commandment in Luwy (Leviticus) about the ROUND, the MAR, the BALDNESS, and the SHAVE of the hair and beard does not mean that a man or woman cannot or should not shave or cut his or her hair or his or her beard at all. The Man Kind is free to cut and shave the hair and beard as long as it is not FOR THE DEAD and.
  6. Ezekiel 5:1-4. As for you, son of man, take a sharp sword; take and use it as a barber's razor on your head and beard. Then take scales for weighing and divide the hair. One third you shall burn in the fire at the center of the city, when the days of the siege are completed

For, says he, God the Creator made this to be becoming to women, but deemed it to be out of harmony with men. The innovation of shaving the beard ensued in the Roman Church a little before Leo IX, Gregory VII even resorted to force in order to make bishops and clerics shave off their beard Alexander Smith, who has worked for the fire department for more than 15 years and makes $115,000 a year as an air mask technician, is a born-again Christian who began growing out his beard in. Shaving the beard is haraam because of the saheeh ahaadeeth that clearly state this, and because of the general application of texts that forbid resembling the kuffaar. One of these reports is the hadeeth of Ibn 'Umar who said that the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: Be different from the mushrikeen. Christians may not wear payot, but we are called to be a holy people set apart for God's work. God gave additional instructions for priests to maintain their hair. They shall not make bald patches on their heads, nor shave off the edges of their beards, nor make any cuts on their body. Leviticus 21:

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  1. The Literal Commandment. You shall not round off the side-growth of your heads nor harm the edges of your beard. ( Leviticus 19:27) The LITV translation indicates this: You shall not round the edge of your head, nor mar the edge of your beard. ( Leviticus 19:27 LITV) The literal commandment is that we should not harm the edges of our beards
  2. The great scholar of our age, Badiuzzaman says, «Some scholars said, 'It is not permissible to shave the beard'. What they mean is, 'It is haram to shave the beard after deciding to grow a beard'. Someone who never grows a beard is regarded to have abandoned a sunnah. » 4 Accordingly, those who shave their beards after deciding to grow a beard are regarded responsible according to Hanafi.
  3. The sin of shaving the beard is not only a Kabirah (Major) sin, but it is also Bagawah (open offence). The prophet says, My nation will be forgiven except those who sin in the night and then boast about their sin the following day. Although one may not boast about this sin verbally but indirectly, he will boast by showing his face to the.
  4. g it shorter than a fistful. The issue of leaving the beard to grow or trim

Since we have died to the law and all things are lawful (excluding, of course, sin), then the Christian is not under obligation to keep the Old Testament command not to get tattooed. Remember, if tattooing is a sin, then so is shaving the beard - if we were to retain its command and the ones with it. Third, let me ask a question Plaiting your hair is sin for it is the way of rebellious woman. There is an evil spirit behide plaiting hair and it brings lust and sexual sensations for it exposes the head of a woman for the bible say the hair is given for a covering of woman head and so when you plait lines you exposes your nakedness. See the evil behide plaiting of natural. Not only can these things cause a ton of pain, but they can and will cause chunks of your beard to be sacrificed. If you're experiencing this, it might be time for a slight trimotherwise, proceed with caution. 5. When You Need a Change of Style. Let's face ityour beard is a part of your identity

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Unfortunately, it's Haram to shave your beard in Islam. There are a number of scholars in Islam that state keeping of the beard is obligatory since the prophet had ordered Muslim members to grow their beard. It's Haram since the Saheeh Ahaadeeth states it clearly 1. Use a beard trimmer to reduce the amount of hair you need to shave. If you have a full beard, it will be difficult to shave it all off using only a razor. Trimming as much of your beard down to stubble as you can with your beard trimmer will make it easier to shave it off with a razor later The Remington PF7500 F5 Comfort Series Men's Foil Shaver is designed for a close comfortable shave. The intercept technology preps longer hairs so that when the foils shave your face you get a smoother result. The pop-up trimmer makes detailing your face and neck for the perfect look easy Shaving is the removal of hair, by using a razor or any other kind of bladed implement, to slice it down—to the level of the skin or otherwise. Shaving is most commonly practiced by men to remove their facial hair and by women to remove their leg and underarm hair. A man is called clean-shaven if he has had his beard entirely removed.. Both men and women sometimes shave their chest hair.

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JustinMN / Flickr Show More Show Less 15 of 15 Jesus Christ is often portrayed with long hair and a beard, though Christians debate what Catholic position on beards sided with shaving, but has. Since they represent the Lord as he is expressed through the Bible, their hair and beards represent the literal, external stories of the Bible - which is why they were forbidden to shave or clip their hair. In other cases, the hair and beard can represent the external truths a person uses to live, the day-to-day ideas You shall not shave your beard with a razor. Mystical Significance of Hair - Part 2. Trimming facial hair has profound implications in the higher worlds. 9 Comments. Mystical Significance of Hair - Part 1. Kabbalah teaches that hair is recognized for its spiritual power. 11 Comments Schaefer Halleen, LLC is located at: 412 S 4th St Suite 1050 Minneapolis, MN 55415 Phone:612-294-2600 Fax:612-294-2640 www.schaeferhalleen.co Certainly, shaving one's beard and cutting one's hair for normal good grooming, in a way that honors God and is acceptable to Him, is something entirely different. This is not condemned but rather enforced by the scriptures. In general terms, a male's hair should not cover his ears or reach to the shirt collar

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  1. In the Scriptures, the shaving of a man's beard was considered one of the most humiliating acts that could be done by an enemy. ( source ) From a non-religious evolutionary perspective, the beard also symbolizes masculinity, as it grows in response to the male hormones or androgens; testosterone and DHT
  2. It is not permissible for men to pluck or to shave the hairs on their legs, arms, shoulders, backs, hips, chests and other places in their body. (The hairs on the face can be shaved but they cannot be plucked) it is not permissible religiously. The state of the hairs on the body for men; The removal of the pubic hairs start from under the belly and the hairs around the private parts are removed
  3. By now, I'm sure you've seen the New York Times's article on BYU and beards at least dozens of times in your Facebook feed.. Clearly, BYU's anti-beard rule is stupid. It just is. That said, stupid isn't necessarily an affirmative reason to do away with it: plenty of institutions have plenty of stupid rules, and, on the list of stupid rules in the world, the beard prohibition isn't.
  4. 11 Things The Bible Bans, But You Do Anyway. The Bible bans things like round haircuts, football, divorce, wearing gold and tattoos. Yesterday, I found myself in a discussion about the anti-abortion people. The reason: It's just incomprehensible to us that people get so zealous about that issue that they'll go as far as to murder doctors.
  5. The answer is that self-masturbation is obviously a sin if it deprives one's spouse of sexual enjoyment. That is the message of 1 Corinthians 7:3-5. It is important to realize that God designed sexual activity to be done together. That is why God did not give all the genitals to one spouse. Therefore the principles given in 1 Corinthians 7:3.
  6. While mustaches are not allowed, beards are practically a requirement among the Amish due to beards being common among men in the Bible. However, not all Amish men are traditionally allowed to grow beards. It isn't until an Amish man gets married that he will stop shaving his beard and allow it to grow out, with beards being a mark of an.
  7. THE BIBLICAL BEARD by Avram Yehoshua The Seed of Abraham The Word of God speaks of a man needing to have a full, untrimmed beard. The full, untrimmed beard centers on the verse in Leviticus 19:27 which is translated by the NKJV as: You shall not shave around the sides of your head, nor shall you disfigure the edges of your beard.

The mourning process is strict in this tradition. The family will avoid social gatherings for at least 40 days after the passing of a loved one. During this time, the family wears all black. Close male relatives don't shave for 40 days. Throughout the mourning period, friends and family will bring flowers to the grave There is no Christian haircut or clothing style. There are only Christians who wear clothes or wear their hair in a particular way for a certain reason. It might be a good way to start off a conversation with someone who wears dreadlocks by asking why he or she wears their hair that way

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Christian. Private. no, i dont believe it is a sin to cut your hair. the only story that involves cutting hair is the story of samson. and he couldnt cut his because that is where his powerful strength is from. if he cut his hair, all his strength would disappear 1 Corinthians 11:5,6. 5 but every wife who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head, since it is the same as if her head were shaven. 6 For if a wife will not cover her head, then she should cut her hair short. But since it is disgraceful for a wife to cut off her hair or shave her head, let her cover her head Christian Clothing (PDF version here). Scripture Standards for Dress and Conduct . 4. Men's Clothing. Since the role and physical structure of men is by God's ordination different from that of women, men's clothing should be distinctively adapted for manly physique and activity Moreover, when someone ends their Nazarite Vow, they are instructed to shave (Numbers 6:18). So if we take the shaving is a sin viewpoint to its logical conclusion, God would therefore literally be commanding His people to sin in these cases! 3. The meaning of 'mar' in Leviticus 19:27 doesn't mean to remove hair Ezekiel Dramatizes Jerusalem's Fall. 1 Now you, son of man, take a sharp sword, use it as you would a barber's razor, and shave your head and beard. Then take a pair of scales and divide the hair. 2 You are to burn up one third [of it] in the city when the days of the siege have ended; you are to take one third and slash [it] with the sword.

2. Shaving Gives You Acne. If you have a beard, then the chances are very strong that you have smooth skin under that facial hair. According to ThoughtCatalog.com, shaving your face helps to spread the bacteria that causes acne.This means that allowing your beard to grow and taking proper care of your beard encourages healthy skin 1. Don't treat your beard like a topiary. Starting off obvious here. Luda has long since ditched his mid-nineties fire beard, but the Internet reminds him every day that he did a very dumb thing. He had to shave his head, make an offering and start all over again. Numbers 6:13-21 give instruction on what to do at the end of the vow. He had to present to God: a male lamb as a burnt offering, a ewe lamb as a sin offering, a ram as a peace offering, and grain and drink offerings Here's what they found: 80% of women said they had removed their pubic hair recently at the time of the survey. Perhaps unsurprisingly, that number was only 39% for the guys. Just 3% of women said.

The short answer to that is yes—in so far as choosing to wear a beard is a sartorial preference. However, where doctors are under a religious duty to wear beards, requiring them to shave could risk claims of indirect religious discrimination. Once again though, things get tricky Pull your hair either backwards or forwards with the palm of your hand and whatever hair that comes out from the palm of your hand cut it off with a scissors. This is how you measure your hair length using the palm of your hand. For men who have wavy or curly hair, your hair could look shorter or thicker than others when using the palm measurement Leviticus is full of such laws, including the command one verse earlier: Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard. For Christians, matters such as this lie in the area of Christian freedom and wise judgment (such as, for example, taking into account health concerns, the perceptions and sensitivities of. 1- Shaving some parts of the head and leaving others. 2- Shaving the sides of the head and leaving the middle. 3- Shaving the middle and leaving the sides. 4- Shaving the front and leaving the back. 5- Shaving the back and leaving the front. 6- Shaving one side and leaving the other . Yes, u can cut the grey hair if it our grows When you shave your head all of that goes away. 4. Chance For Reinvention. As mentioned above, shaving your head is a big change. You are going to look and feel very different. And that's a good thing. The first time you look at your bald self in the mirror, you're going to be looking at a new man

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Paul argues from 'nature' in both Romans 1:26-27 and 1 Corinthians 11:14-15. In Romans, Paul argues that same-sex passions and intercourse are 'contrary to nature' because they fundamentally rebel against God's created design for sex. In 1 Corinthians, Paul asserts that 'nature' teaches that long hair on men and short hair on. More recently, the advent of electric shavers makes it possible to achieve a close shave without a razor actually touching the skin. As a result, many men today do shave their beards while continuing to follow Orthodox interpretation of Jewish law. However it remains customary in most ultra-Orthodox circles to retain one's beard as a sign of. The skin type could vary from people to people to people. Waxing can lead to bad skin conditions if your skin is too sensitive, including redness, irritation, and pain, obviously. Shaving can get. A soldier was recently granted permission to wear a beard in accordance with his Norse pagan faith in a rare exception for facial hair for religious reasons. When the Army authorized beards for.

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Plus, if any of you gentlemen are thinking about implementing your beard styles, there's no better time than Movember and No-Shave November - two great causes that ask to help raise money and awareness by not shaving in November. Movember encourages to grow a mustache through the month and help raise funds for men's health Like other modifications to one's outside appearance, the choice to shave and develop a beard has had an important role in male fashion and self-representation throughout history. Ancient shaving techniques, which relied on dull blades, required painful plucking and exfoliation to get any kind of clean-shaven look, meaning men generally preferred to let their beards 4. Shave - It's easier to divide your arms into sections for shaving. For instance, you can shave the inside of your wrist to the top of your forearm while shaving in straight, even lines. Once you've finished that section, you can move on to the upper part of your arm, i.e., from your elbow up to your shoulder Step 4: Lather Up with Shave Gel and get ready for your shave. A good lather helps to hydrate hairs, enhance razor glide, and protect your skin while you shave your pubic area. Let your shave gel sit on the area you're shaving for a bit, to let it work its magic. Once your hair is soft, check your blade and make sure you're ready for action

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This is a works-based approach to salvation and is unbiblical. There is a works component to Christianity, but it is not for the purpose of our becoming saved. Before being saved, we were all enslaved to sin (John 8:34; Romans 6:16). The Bible clearly teaches that we are saved by grace through faith alone (Galatians 2:16; Titus 3:5-7) Most women (even men) prefer that the area down there is clean without any hair, so shaving pubic or vaginal hair has become a common practice today. However, there is a reason why you have pubic. READ: Is it a sin to shave your beard Islam? Who is fastest in DC? Wally west. Can Superman beat savitar? Savitar is fast yes, but, due to a statement made by Reverse Flash in the Crisis on Earth X crossover. He personally vouched for Superman's speed. He said he was fast, but, that Reverse Flash was faster in the future as well as the Christians have been swept away in this tide, as a result of which men have opted for the looks and outward appearances of women. Even more surprising is the fact that hundreds of thousands of those who profess to be Muslim&.. by blindly emulating these deviant people have also become enmeshed in the sin of shaving the beard Salvation comes by turning away from our sin and self-reliance and instead believing that Jesus is God's Son, sent to live a perfect life, die an undeserved death on our behalf, and rise from the dead. First Peter 3:18 explains, Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, that he might bring us to God

The Hebrew Christian Alliance and Prayer Union of Great Britain was founded in 1866 for Jews who wanted to keep their Jewish customs but take on Christian theology. The Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (MJAA), started in 1915, was the first major U.S. group 6 reviews of Kennedy's All American Barber Club I joined Kennedy's a few months ago because I liked the idea of a place that was both a barber shop and a community. Last month I went in to get a haircut (which was really great - hot towel, etc.) and they happened to be having an event. I met a lot of really great people and it was a lot of fun Jeff Durbin, Secret Recordings, and Apologia Church: Delete After Reading. January 7, 2020. January 7, 2020. Seth Dunn Apologia Church, Apologia Radio, End Abortion Now, James White, Jeff Durbin, Luke Pierson, People are Recorded Here, Phoenix, Tempe. Editors Note: The following accounts are given to demonstrate that Apologia Church in Phoenix. Other suggestions include combing the beard to soften it, should your boyfriend choose a length that can be combed. Weekly exfoliation and steaming will also help the beard and skin below Required Cookies & Technologies. Some of the technologies we use are necessary for critical functions like security and site integrity, account authentication, security and privacy preferences, internal site usage and maintenance data, and to make the site work correctly for browsing and transactions