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Bowhunting deer is always fun, but these particular seasons allow us to chase mule deer and coues deer during the rut with OTC(over the counter) tags. From seeing bucks fighting and chasing does all over the place, to the simply fantastic weather, this is a hunt that every bowhunter should experience one day If I go for the second week in November I'm either going to hit the beginning or the end of the Rut while I'm there. I have no clue when the rut happens in AZ. An article I read said that az mule deer rut is as late as Jan 14th Since the gestation period for mule deer is about 210 days, if you know when the rut occurs, then you will know when to expect baby deer. Or, in like manner, if you know when the fawns are born, then you know when the rut occurs. In my home area of North Central Arizona, the firs t fawns are born about the end of July

The mule deer is the larger of Arizona's deer. Adult bucks may weigh in excess of 200 pounds and stand up to 42 inches at the shoulder. Does average 125 pounds. Typical mule deer antler configuration has each side branching equally into two main beams, each may fork into two tines. The size and number of 'points' is dependent on a combination. 153 Posts. #15 · 6 mo ago. My opinion from my own observation, I respond to this post from one of my glassing spots. The rut is in full swing in the desert in my area. Check out this dead head I found last week. Someone lost a good deer or something killed a good deer. Found the entire body but mangled and eaten 5x6 Just as it is when hunting big whitetails, the mule deer rut can be you best chance of the year to take the buck of your dreams. Mule Deer Rut Behavior The rutting season occurs during late fall. Depending on the latitude of the deer, this can be anywhere from early November to late December and into January Desert mulies begin serious rut around the first to second week in December and it then goes until Febuary if not March, but it really tapers off by end of January Mule deer usually live 9-11 years in the wild and can live to be much older when in captivity. These deer range from 3.0-3.5 feet tall at the shoulder, 4.5-7.0 feet long and have a tail that is 5.0-8.0 inches long. they can weigh between 130-280 pounds. The female deer are smaller than the male

The best time to scout is obviously before your hunt, but the best answer would be in July and August. Mule deer bucks are usually bachelored up this time of year. They are also usually bachelored up with other bucks of the same age structure Colorado, Utah,Wyoming,Montana, Idaho first week of november and winding down around thanksgiving to the end of nov. arizona new mexico starts later more dec. the further south you go the later the rut starts mexico starts in jan,as for the doe pee they wont react to it like a whitetail, they will be more cautious, hope this helps just my 2 cents wort Another plus to this hunt is that in south Arizona the mule deer and Coues deer rut in late December and early January. Finally, hunting the first week of January allowed us to miss very few class days while maximizing our hunting time and a return trip in late December will also coincide with some given Christmas vacation days A western archery Mule deer hunt during the peak of the rut is a bow hunters dream. When the mule deer come into rut, generally in mid December and January in the lower elevations, it's exciting to hunt them with your bow because their sense of awareness is only concentrated on their doe. The OTC tags & licenses for our trophy Arizona mule.

I can always find rutting mule deer the first week of the December season but I'd say the last week of December and the first week January being much better. Regardless... go when you can and you'll find bucks to hunt If you're sitting in northern whitetail country with snow piling up around your ears, some vacation time available and a deep yearning for a little more bowhunting, remember that Arizona archery Coues whitetail tags (and desert mule deer) are sold over the counter. Millions of acres of public lands are wide open to visiting hunters. Desert mountain ranges in the southeastern portion of the. The Time and the Temp Generally speaking, the peak of the mule deer rut occurs slightly later than that of the whitetails in the same region. Last year I watched several nice Nebraska muleys still rutting hard in the first week of December. Some southern regions don't see their rut end until well into January It kind of depends. I have seen great rut activity in early January. However some of the best days down in the lower desert have been January 31 for me for some reason. Just depends on the deer Western Colorado, Northern Arizona, and Southern Utah tend to have the highest populations of mule-deer. Solunar Calendar: According to a theory laid out by John Alden Knight in 1926, animal movement is affected by the position and fullness of the moon

When and how long? to me the best rut time is the last 2 weeks of december and the first 2 weeks of january. Does coincide with muleys? In soutern Az in my opinion yes.Mule deer rut is in a different time in the north than in the south Unit 22 is open for archery hunting late August to mid September and then December through the end of January. This long window should offer the option of hunting the pre, peak and post rut This rare footage captures a mule deer killing other buck during the rut in Arizona.. During the rut, deer can become extremely territorial, and in some cases, violent.This rare footage from northern Arizona shows an older, dominant buck battling with another mule deer

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  1. Arizona Mule Deer unit 8 in Dec. Thread starter Ramsey445; Start date Oct 26, 2020; Oct 26, 2020 #1 R. Ramsey445 Junior Member. Joined If snow is on the ground does it affect the movement of the mule deer. From what I have read the rut should be starting around that time and look forward to getting in on some of that action. Thank you for.
  2. A mature Arizona desert mule deer buck could have a rack sporting a spread of 18-27 inches and have 3 to 5 points per side. The largest bucks are seen during the January rut period when it is archery-only season
  3. Figure 2. Antlers from a mule deer. Figure 3. Antlers from a white-tailed deer. Life Cycle. The breeding season or rut for mule deer in New Mexico begins in late November (northern areas of the state) and lasts until mid-January (southern areas). During breeding periods, mature bucks cover a large area in search of receptive females (does)
  4. How To Hunt Mule Deer, Five Must Follow Mule Deer Hunting Tips. Mike O'Reilly 05.11.11. 1. Focus on a single buck or group of bucks. Most of these mule deer hunting tips focus on the early season.
  5. Below you'll find a list of all posts that have been tagged as mule deer hunting tips Arizona tips Colorado mule deer hunting videos 2014 mule deer rifle hunting videos mule deer rut dates mule deer scouting tips mule deer season texas spot and stalk archery mule deer spotting mule deer stalking mule deer bowhunting where do mule deer.
  6. Mule deer bucks form bachelor groups this time of the year. Hunting methods vary depending on hunter preference and weather conditions. Late Season Mule Deer Hunts: Late Season hunts in Northern Arizona start December 13th and end January 31st. This is a rut hunt with the rut in Arizona normally peaking in late December & early January

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  1. As I've stated in prior reports, southern Arizona and New Mexico are still a few weeks out. You could see some rubbing and scraping activity in some areas, but I wouldn't plan on seeing any real rut for a couple more weeks. The whitetails and mule deer in northern New Mexico should be going pretty good by now
  2. Jul 7, 2020. Messages. 47. Im entering my senior year of high school and for a graduation present, my mom and I have been discussing a western hunt in 2021. I live in south Florida so and have been hunting tiny deer in the swamp and have no experience in western states. I have put in a good bit of research and decided on Mule Deer in Arizona
  3. Unit 22 news! - A big fire closed a large portion of the southern half of unit 22 for the summer and fall of 2020. It is supposed to reopen in March of 2021. While the fire was a devastating and torched a lot of land, it is a great opportunity to create some fantastic deer and bear habitat for the unit in the next 2-10 years. With enough moisture, unit 22 will one of the TOP units for coues.

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Nevertheless, do not let its cunning nature and unforgiving habitat discourage you as it is possible to take down a mule deer. Throughout my hunting career, I have bagged myself quite an impressive collection of mule deer heads.Thus, I know a thing or two about how to take down this beautiful deer.In this article, I will be sharing with you some of my mule deer hunting tips and. Mule Deer Decoy. Montana Decoy has created the Miss Muley decoy to get the attention of rutting mule deer bucks or distract the ones you have to put the sneak on. And its 40- by 38-inch frame allows hunters to do just that out in the open country where big mulies tend to hang out 6 Day Whitetail & Mule Deer Rut Hunt Alberta, Canada Package price $5,200 for 6 days, 1 hunter. Youth Deer Hunt 2021 Indiana, United States 9.1 Package price $900 for 2 days, 1 hunter. 9 Day Whitetail Deer/ Wolf Combo '21 Alberta, Canada Package price $7,500 for 9 days, 1 hunter When do whitetail deer and mule deer come into the rut in Arizona? What triggers the rut here? I was told they come into the ru 09-08-2013, 04:28 PM. When do whitetail deer and mule deer come into the rut in Arizona? What triggers the rut here? I was told they come into the rut later than they do in the northeast

Non-resident hunting/fishing combo license - $160. Non-resident over-the-counter archery mule deer tag - $300 . This tag is valid for 365 days, meaning you could essentially hunt the January rut, August/September early hunt and then the December rut again in one year all on the same tag Northern Arizona Mule Deer Hunting. By Dan Fritz, aka rockymtnhunter at MonsterMuleys.com. Arizona - Unit 12A (East and West) The North Kaibab stirs the soul of every dedicated mule deer hunter - it is one of the most sought after hunting permits in the West. Its reputation for huge, trophy quality bucks is both well-earned and almost mythical

08-Jul-09. There are a couple different ones claiming it is mule deer scent now. Tink , did you use your whitetail lure? or do you have a muley doe-in-heat now? One of the other scents is called 4X4 but I can't remember the others.I love playing around with scents but I have not used too much of them on the mule deer Mule Deer. Overview: Mule deer can be found throughout the Unit, but the best areas are the pinon-juniper woodlands and ponderosa pine forests. To successfully locate deer, pre-season scouting is a must. Like most big game animals, deer are most active at sunrise and sunset. Deer numbers are down statewide, and unit 6A is no exception While the rut hunts for Coues deer and mule deer are fun for obvious reasons, don't neglect the incredible early-season opportunities in Arizona! This might be some of the most underrated hunting anywhere right now! In addition to late-season over-the-counter archery deer hunts, Arizona also offers an early season OTC archery hunts for deer. When I started bowhunting mule deer nearly 30 years ago, I realized early on that there were two primary seasons, early and late. I also learned that late season meant that you hunt the does to find the bucks as most of the late seasons I hunted in New Mexico and Arizona in late December into January ran somewhat concurrent with the tail end of the Mule Deer rut Late Season Mule Deer Hunts: Late Season hunts in Arizona start 2nd Friday of December and end January 31st with the rut peaking around the last week of December and the 1st & 2nd weeks of January. JAVELINA SEASONS AND DATES. Archery only: for the first 3 weeks in January. Hangun-Archery-Muzzleloader: for first two weeks in February

ARIZONA MULE DEER ORGANIZATION. SUBSCRIBE TO AMD.ORG NEWSLETTER. Subscribe today to receive our email newsletter and stay up to date with updates on upcoming projects, events, meetings, and much more! Click Here. CHECK OUT OUR 2021 REGION 3 PRESCOTT BANQUET INFO FLYER AND GET TICKETS NOW! And deer hunters flock to the state in pursuit of the Coues and mule deer. Arizona mule deer may not be as famous for size as Arizona elk, but they are still respectable trophies, and quite numerous. Most outfitters promise you'll see 5-10 bucks a day, with the best ones in the 140-170 class Campfire Kahuna. V. Joined: May 2003. Posts: 17,093. SW Montana. TheWarrior: If I were to schedule a 14 day Hunt for Mule Deer in the Havre, Montana area (and I have done this many times by the way) I would opt for Hunting from November 8th through November 21st! On and about November 5th each year the 3 1/2 year old and older Mule Deer Bucks.

During the rut, which kicks into gear in mid-December and begins tailing off in mid-January, mule deer are on the move, so keep track of doe groups. According to Steve, one of the most effective ways to kill a muley buck during the rut is to wait until he splits a hot doe away from the group Watch below to better understand the draw process for Arizona: 5-Day Muzzleloader Public Hunt*. 1-on-1 Guided - $ 6,500. 2-on-1 Guided - $ 5,500. Permit/License - $ 384. *Meals and lodging included. Additional days may be added for an added fee. A 50% deposit is required at booking. Book This Hunt Mule deer hunting can be a pleasant and fun thing to do for the hunters. With proper knowledge and guide, you can get the best out of the whitetail deer and mule deer hunting. Mule Deer Behavior and Hunting Tips to Follow. Mule deer have some difference in behavior with the other deer like whitetails. So, hunting them should have some. The Ultimate Muley Hunt. The Holy Grail for many Western hunters is a mule deer that breaks the 200-inch (500-cm) mark. This is a remarkable trophy indeed, combining antler spread that nears or exceeds 30 inches (76 cm), main beams that stretch over 24 inches (60 cm), and cumulative mass measurements of more than 16 inches (41 cm) Mule deer are distributed throughout the unit. Habitat types include ponderosa pine in the higher elevations, juniper and pinyon in the mid-elevations, and scrub oak and Sonoran desert in the lower elevations. Hunters in the high elevations need to move slowly and locate trails that show sign of use

In 1929, the mule deer season was closed south of the Gila River, and even as recently as 1946, fewer than 5,000 mule deer (more than 80 percent of all deer killed) were harvested in Arizona. Then, for reasons that are still unclear, deer populations began to increase Arizona mule deer tags during the early season and during the rut! This outfitter offers exciting, high quality, trophy Arizona archery mule deer hunts on private land. These Arizona archery hunts have produced multiple bucks over 200 inches in the past several years Mule deer usually live 9-11 years in the wild and can live to be much older when in captivity. How big are mule deer? Mule deer range from 3 to 3-1/2 feet tall at the shoulder, 4-1/2 to 7 feet long and have a tail that is 5 to 8 inches long. They can weigh between 130-280 pounds. The female deer are smaller than the male

Key Words: Arizona, desert mule deer, diet, Odocoileus hemionus crooki Desert mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus crooki Meams) are endemic to desert shrub and chaparral areas of the southwestern United States and northern Mexico (Wallmo 1981). In the United States their range extends from south of the Gila River, Arizona. Mule deer calls may be throatier and a shade deeper in tone, but with proper inflection and some practice, you can call muleys with your whitetail calls. The Sounds to Know. Mule deer vocalizations to mimic include the previously mentioned snort-wheeze, grunts, bleats, and fawn bawls. Rattling can also get results Arizona Elk & Deer Hunting Experience Prime Arizona Hunting . Cherry Creek Lodge and Game Management Unit 23 of the Tonto National Forest are home to 11 different game species, ranging from black bears to quail.The different geographical variations around Pleasant Valley, from open plains and ravines to densely forested hills, allow the region to support a large quantity of game The mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus) can be recognized by its large ears (mule-like) and black tipped tail. The male is a buck, female is a doe, and young is a fawn. The buck has a set of branching antlers, with each side branching into two main beams, and each beam forking into two tines. The number of forks, or points, is dependent on the buck.

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  1. Arizona Mule Deer Hunting Outfitter. We offer a wide variety of QUALITY Mule Deer hunts around the entire state of AZ. From General season rifle hunts to Premium late season Rut hunts. We do it ALL. For those lucky hunters that drew The PREMIUM TROPHY AZ Archery/Rifle Mule Deer tags, we've had a long, successful history, on both the world famous Arizona Strip units 13A & 13B as well as the.
  2. White-tailed deer are by far the most difficult big game animal to harvest in Unit 8. They are found at very low densities in extremely rugged terrain. Good areas to check are Bill Williams Mountain, Dutchkid Knoll and any of the canyons from Sycamore to I-40 at the 5000 to 6500 foot elevation level
  3. Steve grew up chasing the giant whitetails of Kansas and Missouri. After countless hours watching the hunt unfold from a treestand, he discovered a passion for calling elk and all other pursuits of the mountain west. A software engineer by trade, Steve is responsible for the long term product development and day-to-day operations of Toprut.com
  4. Specializing in trophy Rocky Mountain Elk, Coues Deer, Mule Deer, Antelope, Javelina, Black Bear, Mountain Lion, & Predator hunts in the heart of Arizona Raging Point Outfitters is located just below the Mogollon Rim-a 7,000-foot, 200-mile-long playground for all serious Predator & Big Game trophy hunters in Northern Arizona
  5. In the prime of the rut season, we specialize in the trophy Rocky Mountain Bull Elk, Coues Deer, Mule Deer, and Antelope in pursuit with a rifle, muzzleloader and archery. Permits are available through Arizona Game and Fish Department.The big game draw system is very limited in each unit. Although we do provide the general hunts & OTC hunts for.

Turning up a mature mule deer buck on public land may be one of the toughest hunts out there. We sat down with expert mule deer hunting veterans, AJ Kissell and Randy Ulmer, as well as our in-house team of hunters for some mule deer hunting tips. Continue reading to see what it takes to be successful when hunting the elusive muley NEW Trophy December Rifle for the 2021season! Mule deer live in nearly every habitat type within unit 23. The unit is diverse and large. Overall mule deer populations in GMU 23 are well below their historic averages primarily due to prolonged drought conditions and an ever changing environment. In recent years precipitation has improved, benefitting the mule deer of Central, Arizona This is done on a daily basis. You can do the Javelina/Deer combo we have listed above or simply do a daily Javelina hunt. Javelina/Deer Hunting Package. This is a 5 day hunt and offered for the month of January. Again extra days can be added for an additional charge of $500.00 per day. Arizona Archery Hunting Prices. Mule Deer Rut Bowhunt Dec. Jul 13, 2018. #1. My buddy and I got drawn for 19A in Arizona this year, which is in my backyard. My first successful big game hunt came in the form of a javelina earlier this year but this is my first deer hunt I've ever gotten to do. Growing up watching hunting shows, I've been dreaming of a nice wide mule deer since I was 15, so I'm very.

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Chase and Kevin are out of vacation days, but the Arizona late season over the counter archery season is on, and Chase has the itch to find another mule deer.. If spot and stalk hunting is your passion, then hunting these rutting mule deer in northern Arizona will give you all you can handle. It is arguably the most overlooked mule deer in the west with guaranteed permits that are good for a calender year and has multiple seasons through early season and the rut. This veteran outfitter has secured over 100,000 acres of private land, that is strictly. Our South Dakota Rifle Mule Deer Hunting is nothing short of World Class. We have have over 150,000 acres of private ranches in Central South Dakota. These ranches are located West of Pierre, South Dakota on and near the Cheyenne and Bad Rivers. Our clients consistently kill bucks scoring 175-200, and hunters should expect to see 15-30 bucks. Outfitters: IWC1, WMO1 Wilderness Mule Deer Hunt in Idaho These are truly awesome wilderness mule deer hunting experience during the peak of the rut. This wilderness mule deer hunt takes place in November during the heart of the mule deer rut during the migration out of the high country.. You will be amazed at the number of deer you will see each day on this very special hunt

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The Recon Force 7FHD Browning trail camera captures amazing audio quality. You can hear the mule deer grunting a bunch with these cameras. Something I didn't.. I've hunted from a treestand for mule deer on DIY hunts only 10 times, but I've had mature muley bucks within bow range four times. Those are pretty high odds, and that's why I take treestands to muley country. Recognizing Opportunities. I've hunted muleys from treestands so few times because opportunities to do so are limited The research was carried out on a herd of fallow deer in Dublin's Phoenix Park over a 10-year period. Dr Elodie Briefer, also from Queen Mary's School of Biological Sciences, said: While the.

Gestation is about 7 months in the mule deer. Females will give birth usually to a single fawn the first year she gives birth and will often produce twins in the following years (Desert USA). Red Deer Red deer are most often found in western Europe, northwest Africa, Asia and northwestern America. Males and females will live separate from each. Want to know one of the greatest aspects of Arizona deer hunting? The rut here for mule deer and Coues deer happens in late December and January. So if the weather sucks at home, just imagine yourself hunting in beautiful t-shirt weather in Arizona for rutting bucks! Applying for deer hunts in Arizona is very easy Arizona OTC Coues & Mule Deer Archery Rut Hunt at Payson, Arizona (AZ) is a Big Game Hunt on public land that starts on December 27th until January 31st. Costs from $3,575.00 to $4,775.00 . We are hunting Deer, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer and Coues Whitetail Deer

Mule deer became so scarce throughout Colorado that in 1913, a statewide hunting ban was put into effect. The dedication of Rocky Mountain National Park in 1915 and subsequent removal of wolves resulted in a dramatic increase in the mule deer population. in 1930, an estimated 2,500 roamed the park Travis Smola. When many hunters think of typical mule deer states, the thing of the open high country areas of big game states like Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, New Mexico, Montana or Wyoming. While there are plenty of big bucks to be found in the backcountry, many hunters ignore the deer habitat close to urban areas

Archery (OTC) Mule Deer hunts . Over the Counter Archery Mule Deer Hunts in Arizona are the most overlooked in the west with opportunity at trophy caliber bucks with an average 160 - 180 class bucks, with annual bucks exceeding 180+ and our biggest archery buck to date being 223 inches!. Early Season Archery hunts begin the last week of August through Mid September annually Learn about mule deer habitat. Deer need the right types of food and shelter in order to thrive. Mule deer have small stomachs, compared to their overall body size. This makes them much more selective in their diet. Instead of eating large quantities of low-quality forage, deer select the most nutritious parts of certain plants During the rut peak, hunting becomes straightforward. All you have to do is locate where the does are and wait. Mule deer will stay active during the rut for more extended periods, so it is not necessary to stick to the dawn and dusk hunting periods. You can hunt for the entire day as mule deer bucks are usually rut-crazed during this season. This will be the first year that we will offer late season rut mule deer hunts. The season dates will be any five days from December 16, 2021 to January 31, 2022. Rut Mule Deer - Unit 27. Hunt Dates. Any five (5) days consecutive days from December 16, 2021 to January 31, 2022. Hunt Prices Mule Deer have a four-chambered stomach and will re-chew partially digested food when resting. This allows deer to digest fiborous leaves and twigs. Mule Deer get their water from streams, puddles, rain, snow, dew, or absorb water from eaten food. Breeding: Breeding season, or the rut, occurs in November to December

Only the underside of the white-tailed deer's tail is white, while the mule deer's tail is all-white with a black tip and is much smaller. In addition, mule deer do not flash their tails in alarm. Mule deer range from 3 to 3.5 feet (0.9 to 1 meter) tall at the shoulder, 4.5 to 7 feet (1.4 to 2.1 meters) long, and have a tail that is five to. Two species and four subspecies of deer occur in the state. Rocky mountain mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus hemionus) (Fig. 1), or mule deer, inhabit areas east of the Cascades in Washington, preferring open forests and sagebrush meadows.During summer, mule deer are tan to light brown; during winter, they are a salt-and-pepper gray Although many record book mule deer bucks have also been harvested in this Kaibab unit on both the early rifle and archery mule deer hunts, the premium late season rifle rut mule deer hunts in Unit 12 A East is where trophy mule deer hunters will experience the highest chances of success of tagging a giant Kaibab mule deer buck The OTC tags and licenses for our trophy Arizona coues deer trip are purchased over the counter and do not need to be drawn. Hunting License ($37) Non-Resident License ($160) Resident OTC-Tag ($45) Non-Resident OTC-Tag ($300) Guided Hunt ($3,575) Trip available on Aug 20th 2021- Sept 9th 2021 Jan1st 2022 - Jan 31st 2022. Plan Your Tri Description of the Mule Deer. This species is quite large, and some individuals can stand over 42 in. tall at the shoulder. Most weigh no more than 331 lbs. but some individuals have reached up to 460 lbs. There are 10 different subspecies, some of which vary greatly in size of color. Like their whitetail cousins, females usually do not have.

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Estes Park Outfitters offers a wide range of opportunities to hunt quality mule deer bucks. For the do-it-yourself kind of person that likes to rough it try one of our drop camps. Either location offers excellent hunting opportunities! Unit 29 is easy to draw your deer license every year Rifle Coues Deer Hunts: Includes complimentary accommodations (tent camps), complimentary meals, a guide, skinning, packing out animal, and up to 4 days of hunting (up to 5 for rut). Choose a Hunter to Guide Ratio of either 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 Unit 23 is a vast and variable unit. Coues whitetail deer live in nearly every portion of it, form the Saguaro covered hills just north of Roosevelt Lake to the dark timber of the Sierra Ancha and Mogollon Rim. Of the Central Arizona units, 23 is perhaps the most coveted of all for Coues deer hunting. The habitat is predominately thick and rugged

We would be glad to hear from you and help you set up your very own trophy mule deer hunt of a lifetime with us in Arizona this coming deer season. Phone: 928-300-6755. Email: ArizonaStripGuides@gmail.com. Facebook The mule deer has a height of 31 - 42 in (80-106 cm) at the shoulders and a nose to tail length ranging from 3.9 to 6.9 ft (1.2 to 2.1 m). Adult bucks (male deer) normally weigh 120 - 330 lbs (55 - 150 kg), averaging around 200 lbs (92 kg), Does (female deer) are rather smaller and typically weigh from 95 to 200 lbs (43 to 90 kg), with an.

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Do not hunt mule deer or any game without a hunting license in the state in which you are hunting. It is illegal to hunt without a license. Thanks! Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0. Do not hunt in a non-hunting area. There are specific areas reserved for hunting during the season Deer rut, or mate, in the fall, usually between late September and early December (though this can extend to January or February in hotter parts of the country.) That's the time to be on the. Hunt: 5-day hunt, expect to see/stalk on mature coues deer between 85-115 and mature mule deer between 150-180 and they will be in the velvet, every day have opportunities on Mule deer between 15-50yds. Hiking between 2-6 miles daily various terrain and weather conditions depending on the season

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Mule deer aren't elk, weather plays a huge part in where you'll find big bucks. For example, they may live up high during the summer and early fall but by mid-October that country usually has lots of snow and the bucks can't live in it for long, so they have to drop to secondary ridges or maybe even lower if the weather is bad enough The sure-fire way to get into Coues country is with a bow. The nice thing is all the Arizona archery deer hunts, except one white-tailed only hunt, include any antlered deer i.e. (Mule deer and white-tailed including the Coues). The bow hunter can hunt just about anywhere in the state. The full advantage of the rut is always with the bow hunter Mule Deer Hunts in Canada. Mule deer in Canada tend to have very heavy body weights and can have massive, heavy racks with character. We can archery or rifle hunt early seasons in velvet all the way through the rut and into December. Hunts are generally not too physical and involve glassing, spot and stalk and then approach on foot On Our Own on the Arizona Strip. by Armando J. Ruiz. I couldn't believe it happened. We had applied for the coveted Arizona Strip, and we drew tags. I was beyond disbelief; yet, I was excited beyond words for the opportunity to chase giant mule deer bucks in one of the best units in North America

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The Arizona Strip Guides team also guides and outfits trophy archery mule deer hunts in Central Arizona with over the counter tags for both the early August-September season for trophy mule deer bucks that are in the velvet, and also the late December-January season for hard antlered trophy mule deer bucks that are in the peak of the rut The animal gets its name from its mule-like ears. It is the smallest member of the deer family in Utah. Mule deer are extremely popular game animals in Utah. The breeding season, called rut, occurs in mid-November. Female deer, called does, typically give birth to one or two offspring in late spring or early summer An experimental antler restriction for mule deer bucks applies in Briscoe, Childress, Cottle, Floyd, Hall, Lynn and Motley counties: a legal buck deer is defined as a buck with an outside antler spread of the main beams of 20 inches or greater. any buck for which the outside spread of the main beams is less than 20 inches is NOT legal to harvest

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Conflicts between Mule Deer and humans seem to be increasing especially in the fall during the rut. Mule Deer bucks have been know to chase people if they encroach the space that the Mule Deer feels is their safe zone. This is understandable when it occurs in the wild but it is another issue when it occurs in city residential areas Locally the deer is often referred to as Arizona whitetail, or fantail (due to their habit of flaring their large tails when alarmed). The Coues whitetail is an elfin deer, standing 32-34 inches at the shoulder and seldom exceeding 100 pounds live weight. Coues sport ears and tails appearing out of proportion to their small bodies, with.

Here in Alberta, the annual Mule Deer rut takes place primarily during the 2nd and 3rd weeks of November. With these healthy populations hunters are reportedly seeing more impressive bucks than ever before. The trophy books bear this out as well. Alberta has estab- Alberta's Mule Deer have some of the largest body weights found anywhere. Hunting Season: November 29th - February 16th (we recommend the January rut as by far the best time to hunt) The biggest and most desired of the 5 American deer species is the Mule deer. Aptly named because its ears resemble that of a mule, he is indigenous to the Western States and Northern Mexico. The Mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus) is the. The mule deer as a species isn't as adaptable as the whitetail, doesn't breed as quickly or as often as a whitetail, has a narrow range of acceptable habitats and doesn't feed or breed as aggressively as the whitetail and therefore is more easily extirpated. Historically, mule deer resided in nearly every Texas county west of the 100th. Mule Deer. Mule deer hunting is our specialty. If the thought of hunting thousands of acres without bumping into another hunter appeals to you, this might just be your kind of hunt. With the Ponderosa Pine, Ash, and Cottonwood trees, this is one of the nicest spots in Eastern Montana. The mule deer spend most of their time in timber patches and. Mule Deer Hunts in Colorado. Mountain Hunts. Our mountain ranches are an incredible migratory destination for giant mountain mule deer. Most bucks live in the high country that surrounds our ranches and migrate down onto the lower sage flats to rut and winter every year

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