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Kaufen Sie Strong bei Europas größtem Technik-Onlineshop The simple answer is, no. Unless you really boil Batman down to a very diluted level as just a really strong, fast, good fighter who can jump far and with good street smarts plus an education in..

No, it isn't. Batman's infamous peak human physical abilities mean he's depicted as being effectively as strong as the world's best weightlifters AND as agile as the world's best gymnasts, at the same time. That's not even kinda possible As Batman, you will be expected to have a lot less than that. 3. Inherited wealth. Image source. Inherited wealth is a bonus point, if you do not want to waste your time building a fortune first. The obvious answer is that steroids could certainly be very helpful at improving your recovery and helping you to accomplish the insane lifts that Batman is said to be capable of (3×8 262lb clean and jerks anyone as a warm up anyone?

And Batman's success, without being Hulk-strong, Flash-fast, or being able to fly like Superman, appeals to people. Being well-rounded is a good thing for everybody, Batman is useful for showing. So i want to know how strong can you possible be while also being somewhat fast..Like what a balanced athlete, whose as strong as possible..And as fast as possible..While at the same time an. During which your only comment to the judge is, I guess it's not really possible to become Batman. Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na! Batman! Mark Hughes. I work as a screenwriter for film & TV. In a. Is it me, or is Batman too muscular to be that tall and only 210 lbs? Genuine question. Ben Affleck is 6'4 and was pretty shredded as Bruce Wayne but nowhere near as big as Batman in the Arkham games and he was 225

Everyone knows that Batman is strong, but just how strong is he? Since a young age, Bruce Wayne has worked to make himself the perfect human in both physicality and mentality, and while he may not be able as strong as some of DC's other heroes, the Caped Crusader is pretty buff Although Batman is shown in the comics as being the fastest and the strongest and all these other things, in reality you can't actually be all of that at once. To be Batman properly, what you..

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No wonder it's fiction! But the beauty of Batman is that unlike other superheroes, it gives a feeling of being somewhat plausible, and at a diluted level, he is just a really strong and agile fighter with loads of cash. So let's assume you have decided to embark on the journey towards vigilantism The problem is that he is way too lean, fast, and agile to be that strong. That's what makes it implausible. Also batman has insane lifting strength feats, unlike those Shaolins who just rely on.

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  1. Get Abs Like Batman. Like a true bat, Bruce Wayne opted to perform almost all of his core exercises from a hang. A man after my own heart, as I love hanging ab exercises. Studies have shown that as far as neuromuscular activation goes, you really can't beat the hanging leg raise when it comes to core movements
  2. Batman is a most alluring superhero for geeks because he doesn't have an adamantium skeleton or the ability to fly: He's a regular old extremely strong, extremely intelligent billionaire.
  3. Batman's tough and strong. You can't get that way sitting in front of the TV. You might try jumping, squatting or running to get yourself in shape. Play a sport you like with your friends. Go outside as much as possible and run around in your Bat-costume. Great way to stay active
  4. A clear labor of love by an author with the perfect combination of skill sets - a scientist, martial artist, and Batman fan. Dr. Zehr has a knack for putting complex ideas into the clearest language possible - he explores the relevant physiology, physics, and chemistry as well as musing about Batman's psychology and philosophy
  5. As fast/strong as Superman is, Batman could easily manipulate him into a trap. The only possible time batman could possibly defeat supes is perhaps if Supes is not prepared and bats sneak up.
  6. 1 Batman. Batman should be the most likely superhero to exist because he doesn't have any real powers. But it's a bit more complicated than that if you look at the finer details of the Caped Crusader. First off, Batman and Bruce Wayne would have problems co-existing

The character of Batman first appeared in May 1939 in Detective Comics #27, in a story called The Case of the Chemical Syndicate. This was a very early story that did not feature much of the modern Batman mythos, which means that the character developed strongly as the years passed. Batman is a superhero but does not have superpowers For instance, in Superman/Batman Vol. 2 #15, Bruce uses Zatanna's brand of magic to exorcise Deadman from the body of Superman and, in a completely different story, Batman once again uses magic to stop the mystical villain Circe. In fact, with his incredibly disciplined personality and genius-level intellect, Batman could probably be an. A strong mother/daughter bond is something to be proud of, but is it possible for the bond to be a little too strong? Cher Hubsher and her mother, Dawn, Batman's Fortnite Adventure Concludes. In this perspective, War can also be seen as possible a reboot and therefore as the first in the series, with no connection to the earlier Justice League films. It can also be argued that is connects, at first loosely, later more directly, with the Son of Batman series In Batman, they see the wounded boy who makes himself big and strong enough to turn fear against the fearsome. With both brain and brawn, he's the part of us that wants to scare life's bullies.

The DCEU didn't really handle Affleck's Batman all that well, in large part because of behind-the-scenes chaos. Affleck made his debut in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, with Zack Snyder envisioning him as a careworn vigilante who had lost all hope.The concept fitted perfectly with Snyder's perspective on superheroes, because he frankly considers a lot of comic book fans to be quite naive. Using standard line it wouldn't be possible to make one as long as the ones batman uses. The cable nessessarry would be too heavy and thick to fit into a reasonable holster, plus it would weigh a ton. However there is a material that is extremely thin and light, stronger than steel and potentially microscopically thin The possible involvement of Wright was reported as soon as the actor entered into talks for the role, and was confirmed in no time flat — and as for Kravitz and Dano, the news of their joining. Batman is the vigilante persona of Bruce Wayne - the billionaire philanthropist and playboy - who was inspired to become a crimefighter in Gotham City after witnessing the murder of his parents as a child. He has no superpowers but makes up for it with strong martial arts abilities and an expansive arsenal of weapons

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  1. The Joker isn't a human being anymore, he's Id made flesh, Batman wanting to cure this obviously far gone lunatic isn't meant to show how broken Bruce is, but how strong his moral center and code is. That no matter who you are, he doesn't believe anybody is beyond saving. Then again I'v never really liked the Joker in general
  2. Batman/Arkham Origins is one of the first and most enduring powerhouses in Injustice Mobile, with still decent base stats and a timelessly powerful passive. With the ability to fire off specials at the start of a match unaided, he can quickly make the battle lopsided, three fighters to two. Batman/Arkham Knight is often considered to be an.
  3. It was Batman's origins, first appearing in 1939's Detective Comics #33, that flat out stated and showed that Bruce is incredibly strong and his body is a physical perfection. That physique was very consistent, even if the art was very stylized. Panel below from 1940's Batman #2
  4. Wolverine is a more of an experienced fighter and has superhuman strength. He can regenerate when harmed with Batman's weapons and it means he can withstand a lot of damage. He has keen animal senses so if Batman attempts to hit him from behind, he can sense it and reverse it into an attack. 7. Daredevil
  5. The first part of a Batman is a strong trend. Obviously, this isn't close to being a Batman yet, but it's an important precursor. When the market moves swiftly like this, it's also more likely to move quickly through this area of the chart, in the opposite direction
  6. User Lists: 0. #17 Edited By RustyRoy. Yes it is possible as long as it doesn't come down to Batman vs. Superman. I do like many versions of Superman, I loved how he was in the animated series, I.
  7. Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy is widely considered one of the best comic book franchises in film history, and it proved to be a huge financial win for Warner.

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Is it possible? Real life Batman. Daniel Kish lost his sight to retinal cancer at the tender age of 13 months But the Joker's presence in Batman's mind is about more than this: it is an experiential version of the Joker's famous claim that all it takes is one bad day to push someone like Batman to the madness of someone like the Joker: the entire course of the game is a struggle for Batman to assert himself as the Dark Knight in the wake of. Bruce Wayne/Batman: A hero can be anyone, How can you move faster than possible, Innocent is a strong word to throw around Gotham, Bruce. I'll honor my father by finishing his work The science team over at Nerdist has now reviewed the scene and done the math on what it would take for Captain America to pull this off. The helicopter in question is believed to be an Airbus. ON JULY 18, The Dark Knight, the much-awaited sequel to Batman Begins, will swoop into theaters. Director Christopher Nolan has reinvigorated the Batman franchise with his vision of a darker, more realistic crime-fighter. Batman has seen a number of interesting evolutions: in the '30s and '40s he was a gothic-tinged detective; in the '50s, he was a smiling mentor to.

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  1. The human limit of strength is considered to be 1,800-2,000 lbs (about 816.466-907.185 kg) over-head, and 3,500-4,000 lbs (about 1587.573-1814.369 kg) bench press. If a user with peak human strength was to have an adrenaline rush, it could push them into Enhanced Strength, but not to Supernatural Strength
  2. Create your own batman costume using similar, if not the same steps as I myself use. I've had a lot of batman fans ask if I can make them a batcostume of some form, my response is usually make it yourself, I'll help, though for some people who are over seas from myself makes giving advice and instruction difficult
  3. When Batman & Robin was first released, it was reviled by critics for its campiness. But it wasn't as if Batman hadn't been depicted like that in the past, as the movie is somewhat of a throwback to Adam West's Batman TV show. All of the camp theatrics from all the actors across the board resemble West and Burt Ward (who played Robin in the 60s), with there being several overt.
  4. 0. Near the end of The Dark Knight Rises, Batman was stabbed by Miranda. After a while Batman took his bat and flew away to detonate the bomb. Then at the end of the movie he was at the dining table with Selina Kyle. How is it possible for Batman to survive when he was strongly stabbed by Miranda? plot-explanation character the-dark-knight-rises
  5. i-series Battle for the Cowl.Batman.
  6. iseries The Batman Who Laughs. This book showed just what the villainous anti-Batman was up to after the end of Metal and just how big of a threat he was. The Batman Who Laughs might not be as powerful.
  7. Rumors of Wonder Woman playing the female lead in 'Batman vs. Superman' continue to build. We look at the odds, and who else might be set to appear. It took weeks for DC fans to process the fact that Batman would be rebooted as the antagonist of Man of Steel 2 - tentatively titled Batman vs. Superman - only to have their expectations blown out.

Is it possible that one of the two could eventually get the part? Yes. Is it a guarantee at this point? No. As a result, we've put together a list of 5 actors (not including Strong and Cranston) that would make for an interesting Lex Luthor in Batman vs. Superman. Of course the list is not all-inclusive, so once you've had a chance to read our. The iconic actor played Iceman, Doc Holliday, Batman, and Jim Morrison, but behind all the mythic roles was a man grasping for meaning wherever he could find it. Here he opens up about cancer. Batman: The Killing Joke (2016) Tara Strong as Barbara Gordon, Batgirl. Menu. I don't think it's humanly possible after a while. Be careful. [Batgirl has Batman pinned down. She suddenly stops and notices the position she's in. She stares down at Batman, then begins passionately kissing him. Batman hesitates, then wraps his hands behind her. Cut the fiberglass sheet into 2 inch squares and make sure you have plenty of them. You will need more than you think. When applying, brush a thin coat on the desired spot on your cowl. It is important to be gentle as we are working with paper. note: You will want to apply the fiberglass to the inside of the cowl

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The next DC animated movie, Batman: Bad Blood, will go on sale February 2016.Ever since DC and Warner Bros. Animation established a shared animated universe back in 2014's Justice League: War, the Dark Knight's new mythos has been receiving a lot of spotlight.Not only does Bruce Wayne, a.k.a. Batman, appear in the Justice League movies (War, Throne of Atlantis), but he's also had two solo. Batman has called for a special meeting bringing together four (well technically five) of his most trusted allies together: Alfred, Red Hood, Batgirl, Red Robin. He wants to bury the hatchet and tell them about his plan: he's going to retrieve and possibly revive Damian from Apokolips Re: Beating Batman: Sir Giacomo's Guide to Monks. On your level 20 build, you've allocated 650gp for MW items for every skill you listed. From the SRD, it looks like skill MW items cost 100gp each. You owe some more gold - I didnt look to see if you had any left tho, so you might, so this is irrelevant Ben Affleck's Batman is an older, more experienced version of the dark knight, so it's very possible he once had Dick Grayson and the other Robins under his tutelage at one point

· Batman is perhaps the most well-known fictional portrait of a 'peak human'. He is the ideal physical and mental specimen: he's a master of martial arts who can chop down trees with his bare hands, he's strong enough to bench 1000-405lbs depending on the writer, he has a genius-level intellect that he regularly uses to outsmart his foes, and he can run 20 miles averaging 4:50 per mile Batman Begins is a strong, confident summer superhero blockbuster with more maturity and emotional truth than most dramas. I hesitate to call it the definitive interpretation of Batman (Batman 1989 takes that title), There is depth in all of the performances with the possible exception of Katie Holmes, an actress who speaks in a voice.

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This came out in time for Batman's 80th anniversary, and the Turtles' 35th, and the love for both is strong - especially since it goes out of its way to highlight the progenitor Batman and Turtles (the latter of whom is even drawn by Kevin Eastman in black and white) This was one of the last Bruce Timm/Paul Dini DTV projects related to their old 1992 Batman the Animated Series, after that Jeff Matsuda came along and re-imagined Batman with his new The Batman series, but anyway, the story of this new Batman movie centers around the appearance of a new vigilante known as Batwoman, however Batman feels the. Earlier on in this thread I wondered if this UFO situation puts the navy/military in a tough spot. 1. They pretend they know what it is, only to be embarrassed by china/russia later. 2. They genuinely know what is going on, and can't do anything about it. To again, be embarrassed by china/russia Batman: Arkham Knight is a 2015 action-adventure video game developed by Rocksteady Studios. It is the sequel to the 2011 video game Batman: Arkham City, and is the fourth in the Batman: Arkham series. The game has been released by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It was released worldwide on June 23, 2015.1 The game is the third game in the. Dick started he killed two people and as you can see you're the only person in gotham who can take him down dick was angry, he didn't know what or who he was really angry at this theory was crazy but it just made him furious, i'll take this man down and send him to arkham and just like that he put his batman helmet on, completing.

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Batman is your standard Batman minifig, with the new softer cape. despite the strong interest in the new rollercoaster system. Is it possible to cleanly separate the colorful entrance and. Batman apologizes to Kara for not being able to save her cousin. Superman is taken prisoner and Batman decides to imprison him in the Phantom Zone. Superman vows to escape and is hurt by Supergirl's betrayal. Supergirl reveals to Batman the House of El's S symbol is supposed to be a symbol of hope; though her cousin turned it into a symbol of. More set photos leaked from the production of The Flash, this time confirming Ben Affleck's return as Batman as well as a new Bat-vehicle. The Flash production is looking more and more crowded, but in a good way. With the newest leaked photos from the set of the DC Extended Universe film entry, we seem to have confirmation that Ben Affleck is.

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  1. No, of course not. He almost does, but he's too smart and strong to die. Does Batman die in dark knight? No, of course not. Is it possible to kill Batman? Yes, besides the fact that batman is.
  2. The Grapple Gun. Bat Sonar. The Tumbler. Batarang. Created in 1939, Batman is arguably the most popular superhero of all time. Bruce Wayne's dark past, the gritty characters and villains, and the clever plot lines are some unique qualities of the 'The Dark Knight' canon that sets this superhero apart from all the others
  3. Also it's possible Batman didn't know the gargoyle was going to collapse. Possibly. Jordan Stokes: So, Superman is invulnerable and is really strong and can fly, whereas Batman is really smart and knows the city and is a highly skilled martial artist and psychological warrior with a lot of technology. So in confronting a nemesis, we.
  4. Basically, he's forgetting that not only is Batman strong, fast and rich, he's also smart and well-prepared. posted by DU at 9:42 AM on July 16, 2008 [ 4 favorites ] But how can you be a top marathon runner, a top sprinter, a top weightlifter, and a top gymnast all at the same time

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  1. Batman is perhaps the most well-known fictional portrait of a 'peak human'. He is the ideal physical and mental specimen: he's a master of martial arts who can chop down trees with his bare hands, he's strong enough to bench 1000-405lbs depending on the writer, he has a genius-level intellect that he regularly uses to outsmart his foes, and he can run 20 miles averaging 4:50 per mile
  2. d and money can create wonderful things. 9. Martian Manhunter
  3. It's a good one, especially in terms of symbolism. Because if Superman is a fantasy of being strong in the face of a brutal universe, Batman is a fantasy of exacting revenge on an unjust one. Like all vigilante fantasies, Batman represents looking at the corruption and flaws of the world and then taking vengeance on them

Yes. There's a study by Alfred Briggs on adverse mechanical cord tension (AMCT), and that's what I base a lot of my work on. It says that if you were to pull the spinal cord really tightly. Wonder Woman's Possible Batman Villain Easter Egg; SYNOPSIS: Before she was Wonder Woman, she was Diana, Princess of the Amazons, trained to be an unconquerable warrior. Raised on a sheltered. Believe me it's will be verry strong. Let dry during 24h00. Then, as you can see on the picture, we will glue a second wood ring IN THE cardboard pipe. With the Bat Signal itself is it possible to add any Batman symbol of any design and style to make the Signal work and can the Bat Signal be ideal as a prop for film tv theatre and cosplay As for Penguin he was saved by Bruce before he became Batman so if Bruce didn't exist it is possible that Oswald would die blimp or some other way. But he was crime lord before that. So it doesn't really matter, bad people will exist, but since Batman is more that common law enforcer, criminals become more that common criminals

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Between Batman and Black Panther however it really seems that Black Panther would be the victor largely because he's just too strong, too fast, and can take a great deal of what Batman can throw. League of Assassins (renamed the League of Shadows or Society of Shadows in adapted works) is a group of fictional villains appearing in comic books published by DC Comics.The group is depicted as a collective of assassins who work for Ra's al Ghul, an enemy of the superhero Batman and the Green Arrow.The group first appeared in Strange Adventures #215 (Dec 1968) It is the size and power of Jack's Joker than makes Michael Keaton's strong-but-wrong choice to portray Bruce Wayne as a dotty eccentric look even weaker. an event, that makes it possible. The Batman is going through directors like the Caped Crusader goes through Joker's henchmen. Just days after learning that War for the Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves was in talks to direct The Batman , it now seems he won't be helming the project. The Hollywood Reporter claims talks between Reeves and Warner Bros have broken down.

The Next Batman sees Lucius Fox's son, Tim (or Jace, getting as much of a primer on them as humanly possible. on with Gotham, he reveals. If fifteen years from now, every one of the characters within the Fox family was a strong, durable, well-known, well-understood, individual character, that when they showed up, they had a. Steve: Yeah, and as Batman he's not likely to break into long soliloquys or anything. When he's wearing that costume he's — that's what I think really shows up here, that he's wearing the costume, he is the Batman, he just fought the Joker, he's definitely the Batman, but you can see that it's Bruce Wayne too

Either way, Batman also has the remarkable quality of having periods where campy or corny worked for him as a character. Whether it was the '66 Batman television show or the Batman: Brave and the Bold animated show, sometimes bad was actually good. So to be clear, if you love one of these characters, don't take offense It's sad to know that Bane may not be repeated anymore on DCU, but just like Joker in the dark knight, here Bane also stunned people with his amazing performance and by holding a strong role in the movie. For instance, we can say that bane is the only villain who defeated Batman in hand to hand combat

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Now attention is turning to the rest of the films on the DC slate, including Justice League, The Flash, Aquaman, and Batman — to see if they can reach the high bar Wonder Woman just set Batman has a unbelievable suit and you should already know that it is ultra hard to make! spiderman suit is normal , any granny or you could knit one using the same materials. Anyone can be spiderman as long as they are strong , logical and brave. To be batman you need to be super smart , very strong , very brave , very rich , great at driving. Cecily Strong is a Hilarious Revelation in Apple TV+'s 'Schmigadoon!' but it also made it possible. Where to stream Batman Begins. 7 'The Dark Knight' (2008 The Dark Knight burst Out of the Ghetto, receiving an overwhelmingly positive critical reception as a serious drama — thanks in large part to the tour de force performances of its cast, notably the late Heath Ledger as The Joker. At its peak, the film was the second-highest-grossing film of all time in the United States (behind Titanic (1997)) and the fourth-highest worldwide (behind Titanic.

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One of Batman's most recognizable items among his prized possessions in fighting crimes in Gotham City is his unique costume. It is popularly known simply as the Batsuit. The Batsuit has an electrical system that can shock assailants as a last resort. The Batsuit is made of triple-weave Kevlar centered around the most obvious target, the chest-mounted Bat symbol. Though the suit has been drawn. While most superhero movies aim for a PG-13 rating to get the broadest audience possible, we're wondering what The Batman The Batman won't get an official Sweat 2 Weeks to Strong. Batman: The Killing Joke is a 1988 DC Comics one-shot graphic novel featuring the characters Batman and the Joker written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Brian Bolland. The Killing Joke provides an origin story for the supervillain the Joker, loosely adapted from the 1951 story arc The Man Behind the Red Hood!The Joker's origin is presented via flashback, while simultaneously depicting his. Batman (1989) on IMDb: Movies, Tv, Celebrities, and more... No superhero has cooler gadgets than the Caped Crusader. And with production on Matt Reeves' new iteration The Batman currently underway, fans are eager to see what the Batmobile will look like as well as the character's suit. It remains to be seen exactly when they'll get that chance, but according to a report from Batman on. Of course, these possible plans for Batman: The Animated Series are just a rumour for now, but the information comes our way from a reliable source, so here's hoping we get some official news soon

Damian Wayne is the child of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul and thus the grandson of Batman's villain, Ra's al Ghul. The character was created by Mike W. Barr, and first appeared in Batman: Son of the Demon (1987). Having spent his gestation in a laboratory, Damian was raised by his mother until ten years of age, at which point she left him in the care of his father, who had not been aware of. Is it possible to see Batman on Gotham? I mean, do they have all rights to portray the Batman character if they wanted to at some point? Edit: What about any other heroes? 21 comments. share. save. hide. report. 89% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast

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While working with Justice League Dark, Batman reveals a piece of technology that is reminiscent of that seen in the movie Inception. WARNING: The following article contains spoilers from Eternal Knight Part II from Justice League #65, on sale now from DC Comics. Batman is known for being prepared for any situation. It's how he keeps [ There is an obvious risk associated with going to the gym, but there is risk in any public setting as we know. We also know there are multiple benefits of exercising, especially concerning protection against and mitigation of COVID-19. My opinion: the benefits of exercising outweigh the chances of you becoming infected with SARS-CoV-2 given the. Batman's Stealth Hi/Bye is lampshaded in the epilogue, when Clark bemusedly asks how in the world did he sneak up on him, since he has X-Ray Vision and super hearing. Bruce just states that it was easy thanks to the the scenery chewing everyone , and that the JLA could be fighting the Legion of Doom in the restaurant and the patrons would. Batman's Fortnite Adventure Concludes in Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #6 it's more than possible to build a house in 100 days, and a decent one at that. it seems to be going strong. Not. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a mess, screenplay-wise: The studio wants to cram in every possible character, and it's a movie that glosses over pretty much everything despite being nearly two and.

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Grapple Guns are hi-tech pistols that fire small grappling hooks on monofilament wire. Once the hook is secure, a button press will activate a powerful motorized pulley system that will allow the user to make a quick ascent to a higher point, such as a rooftop. They can also be used offensively to pull people or objects, sometimes through attachments like the Batclaw. Variations of this gadget. The Reveal that Bane's sewer lair was right under Wayne Tech calls back to the first film, where it is revealed that all the water and sewer lines in Gotham merge at Wayne Tower. This was the centerpiece of Ra's al Ghul's original plan.; In Begins, Lucius brags that Batman's armor can stop a knife.In Dark Knight, Lucius warns Batman that his new more flexible suit makes him more vulnerable. Batman Returns turns twenty-five today and it's a film worth celebrating. Tim Burton's sequel was much maligned at the time of release, but it's finally begun to get the reappraisal it deserves. In fact, this writer will go farther than most and declare Batman Returns the best live-action Batman film ever made.. The World of Tim Burton's Batman Batman (Terry McGinnis) (to the Jokerz) It's a school night, boys and girls. I'm gonna have to call your folks. (after the Jokerz's vehicle crashes) That ain't coming out of my allowance. I hate to say it, but I think your little Robin's turned into a bitter old crow. (to Ace) Good Batdog