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Masterlist All Characters Men Women The 100 Game of Thrones The Originals Shadowhunters Teen Wolf Vampire Diaries Other. Back Mobile Masterlist Theme. The 100 All the 100 Stories: Imagines | Drabbles: Arrow All Arrow Stories: Imagines | Drabbles: Containment. Theme Masterlist• Aesthetic • Cheeses • Colors • Flowers • More flowers • French words • Fruit • Horror • Kawaii • No theme (bonus bois) • One word prompts (mixed themes) • Spooky Stay tuned for more..

Masterlist Directory TAKEN. RESERVED. TAKEN SONGS. melodiaemfrp. melodiaemfrp. home message archive RULES SUBMIT MASTERLIST Theme. About. Melodiae is a modern fantasy/sci-fi Discord Multifandom Roleplay Group set in the strange city of Leitmotif and its surrounding areas. Brought here at the whim of a lonely God, its home is now yours. tumblr's #1 source for themes & theme-making. Find your next Tumblr theme or learn to make your own from our variety of resources! We reblog themes, tutorials and scripts. Theme makers are welcomed to submit their themes and resources to be showcased here. #theme hunter & #themehunter

Miscellaneous Masterlist Jon x Reader - tick, tick BOOM! Come to your sense Masterlist Guidelines. Gif Imagines. Fred Weasley. Harry Potter(I dont know if this honestly counts because I did it as a joke) Would Includes. Dating Ron and staying at the burrow for winter break would include. Being pregnant with Draco's baby would include. Sirius taking you home for the first time would includ

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  1. g soon~ millouu-writes. navigation. millouu. Simping hard for this man-home; message; About Me; Masterlist; Masterlist; Co
  2. Masterlist (not my gif!! credits to the rightful owner) = Christmas imagine = Valentine's Day imagine = Halloween imagine = New Year's imagine Neymar imagines (all x Female Reader): Imagine #1..
  3. The Originals Klaus Mikaelson Elijah Mikaelson Kol Mikaelson Finn Mikaelson Rebekah Mikaelson Lucien Castle The Vampire Diaries Damon Salvatore Stefan Salvatore Elena Gilbert Enzo Caroline Forbes Bonnie Bennet Once Upon A Time David Nolan Captain Hook Moodboard: The Originals The Vampire Diaries Once Upon A Time My favorite

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Nyiur is a header Tumblr theme for writing-heavy blogs. It's simple and clean with readable fonts. A good theme for writers and blogger, but not limited for others. A redesign of my old theme that was made in 2016, under the same name. Preview blog and install here. Features. Responsive layout and looks good on mobile screen Sets, Challenges, ETC. #supernatural #dean winchester #sam winchester #supernatural angst #supernatural one shot #supernatural fluff #dean winchester angst #dean winchester one shot #dean winchester drabble #dean winchester fluff #jensen ackles drabble #jensen ackles one shot #jensen fluff #jared and jensen #masterlist. 178 notes. Tumblr Resident Evil Masterlist. Requests. Ethan Winters x Harry Mason || Relationship HC's. Install this theme.

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  1. Melissa || any/all pronouns || I write for Marvel, Marvel Actors, any generation of Harry Potter, and the Outsiders || Requests are open for ships and fic
  2. Masterlist - Masterlist i've written a couple of things. Here they are. Black Sails- Charles Vane Hope: https://itmeansofthesea.tumblr.com/post/652383216989241344.
  3. V/Taehyung Jungkook GOT7 Mark JB Jackson Jinyoung Youngjae Bambam Yugyeom WINNER.
  4. The BTS Masterlist: A Work in Progress . I first did this including all of the works that are in the works but I didn't know if you wanted to see that. So I decided to just do what I have done and link as I go along. So I present to you, the BTS Masterlist . Group Reactions/Headcanons/Imagines: How They Stare at You . Dealing With a Toxic.

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Masterlist They're all about Jungkook lmao angst; • 2 a.m. Series [ 1 2 3 ] • Post Tenebras Lux [ 1 2 ] fluff; • The Lion's Tooth [ 1 2 3 4 5 6 tbc ] page. Masterlist!!! Baby Its Cold Outside Series - Bakugo x Reader Total words count : 35,117 . PART 1 HERE : words: 2455 (Smutish) Reader is cold and Bakugo is irritated. PART 2 HERE : words : 1894 (Angst, Fluff, smutISH) Bakugo has feelings. PART 3 HERE : words : 1703 (Angsty fluff) Snuggles fix everything right?. PART 4 HERE : words: 2613 ANGST HOLY SHIT ANGST. Masterlist *****So this is a list of aesthetics and mbti sortings i already did or plan on doing (feel free to request an character aesthetic)***** MBTI Sorting. Black Butler. BTS. Other . Slytherin/Ravenclaw Friendship. Hogwarts Houses: Kpop Girl Group songs. Hogwarts Houses: Kpop Boy Group songs. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Welcome to DR-Masterlist Contact us via if you wish to be added to the Masterlist. RP Promo / Requests Contact us via (Submission Box) if you would like us to reblog your blog promo, RP request, RP starters, RP group, RP Discord, etc. Danganronpa RP Hub Discord Join us on if you would like to chat with other Ask/RPers, promo your RP / Discord or find an RP Partner Fics Masterlist Hopefully, I'll be posting fics in other fandoms soon! When that happens, I'll update this with appropriate labels. Phan Chaptered Oneshots Drabble Series AO3 Page #30363c. Hipster Tumblr Theme by Precrafted.

HYBRID MASTERLIST Updated: 02 / 01 / 2021Key: ☁️ = Fluff // ☔ = Angst // ⚡ = Supernatural/ Fantasy // = Smut // = Potentially Scary Themes/ Horror. Warnings: Yandere themes, kidnapping. Originally posted by bravebutnotfree. A very obsessive yandere. Izuku pours himself into whatever he's interested him, so if you've caught his eye, best believe that he has notebooks upon notebooks that hold information about you. They're very organized MASTERLIST → Please read the request rules before requesting → Asterisked (*) lists are the fandoms available for requests ║ Google Docs Masterlist to come ║ [☁️] Fluff [️] Comfort [️] Angst [️].. Masterlist ** NSFW MULTIPLETopiary - Midoriya, Kirishima, Kaminari, Bakugou STUDENTS MIDORIYA IZUKU ** Kinks Caught Making Out Dreams BAKUGOU KATSUKI ** Kinks Caught Making Out TODOROKI SHOUTO **..

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Tumblr is so easy to use that it's hard to explain. We made it really, really simple for people to make a blog and put whatever they want on it. Stories, photos, GIFs, TV shows, links, quips, dumb jokes, smart jokes, Spotify tracks, mp3s, videos, fashion, art, deep stuff. Tumblr is 500 million different blogs, filled with literally whatever wip sorry &. lilac theme by seyche lilac theme by seych masterlist attack on titan my hero academia jujutsu kaisen. , . Masterlist; Plus Mignon theme by egg.design. the biggest dumbass on earth HP. SP. moji's masterlist. i'm thinking of moving some of my fan fanfiction/original fiction here, so might as well make a masterlist. to be updated whenever I get the time. ace attorney phoenix wright

픴픞픯픫픦픫픤픰 >> mature themes including strong language, violence, mentions of drug and alcohol use/abuse, sexual content. specific warnings will be mentioned prior to each chapter. 픞/픫 >> welcome to this world! below is the masterlist hopefully for easier navigation! as always, enjoy :) Part I. Part II. Part III. Part IV. Part. Information. Founded: July 2021 Opened: TBA Hits: Disclaimer: Any credits for images and theme used go to their rightful owenrs. If you see anything that belongs to you on this blog and you wish for it to be removed please let us know immediately

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Masterlist. Tommy Shelby; Full length; Purple Hydrangeas. What's Mine Is Yours. Brutal Murder With Gentle Intentions. Second Chances. On Making Mistakes. The Ghost of Your Memory Haunts Me To This Day *Requested . Series . Paris in October - Where Harry and Y/N meet across hotel balconies in Paris Part #1 Part #2 Part #3 Part #4. It's a Sign of the Times - Where Harry is Y/N's Best Friend and she falls pregnant the day Sign of the Times is released (Master Post) The Friendly Adventures of Prissy, Lyssy and Harry - Where Harry makes friends with two Uni students and they go on hilarious.

Nyiur is a header Tumblr theme for writing-heavy blogs. It's simple and clean with readable fonts. A good theme for writers and blogger, but not limited for others. A redesign of my old theme that was made in 2016, under the same name. Preview blog and install here. Features. Responsive layout and looks good on mobile screen Masterlist. JYJ. React to you refusing to sleep in the same room after a fight. INFINITE (Hoya as Special Member) React to you sleep talking. SHINEE. React to their s/o spotting during a pregnancy. React to their idol crush not liking fast food. React to you being angry and refusing to sleep in the same room. React to you fainting on stage due. I decided to make a more organized version of the Masterlist, with all my works. Tumblr is a struggle, but I'll try to keep it updated and properly organized. In case you don't know my blog, my focus is on writing for Wanda x Reader, but there are other works with other characters and fandons Pressure and relief. Synopsis: After a set back concerning the next step in your plan, you find comfort in the embrace of one of your most trusted friends and partner Corpse. Pinned Post masterlist corpse imagines corpse fanfic corpse husband comfy cartel offlinetv fluff romance mafia au

MASTERLIST. i only write for haikyuu characters! • sakusa kiyoomi. 5 days ago on July 22, 2021 at 12:45 am. original post. &. lilac theme by seyche MASTERLIST. Here you can find all b0blegum's works. x mature content (including sexual activity, violence) B1A4. ° Cnu. The Other Guy [ One Shot] ° Sandeul. Too Rough [ One Shot] ( x) ° Gongchan Theme: werewolf au, strangers to lovers. Genre: smidge of action, fluff, slightly suggestive. Warnings: mentions of slight nudity and violence, gets a little steamy near the end but nothing too detailed . WC: 6.6k. Pairing: Alpha!Minho x Omega!FemReader. a/n: Hi :) Obviously werewolf skz is just *chef's kiss* so of course I had to write about it

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The first meeting between Tom Holland and the Reader with a little help of Tom's best friend, and wingman Haz Osterfield. Keep Your Hands on Your Juicebox (REQUEST) Oneshot: Tom Holland x Reader ft. Sebastian Stan. Tom Holland is your boyfriend. Sebastian Stan is your protective older brother masterlist! haikyuu!! karasuno. -> kageyama tobio - period headcanons. -> kageyama tobio - breeze -> tanaka ryunosuke - lazy evenings. -> tanaka ryunosuke. summary: In a sea of black screens and faceless names, there's one smiley boy that beams back at you through the dimly lit screen of your laptop, a tiny Jeon Jungkook (he/him) tacked to the corner of his window. genre: fluff, slice of life, eventual smut (tags tba) warnings: comfort fic, quarantine fic, slow medium burn, mutual crushes, college au, ditzy but studious jk, best boy jk, pining. Masterlist Misc Bingo 2019. Teen Wolf. Supernatural. Jeremy Renner Characters (Excluding Hawkeye) Marvel (Avengers and X-Men) Harry Potter. The Hunger Games. The Hobbit. Lord of the Rings. American Horror Story. Once Upon a Time. Sherlock. Tom Hiddleston and Characters (Excluding Loki) Dragon Age. Penny Dreadful. Vampires. Viking masterlist. ethan dolan concepts/blurbs. grayson dolan concepts/blurbs. dolan twins imagines/oneshots. grayson dolan chaptered stories. bucky barnes/sebastian stan concepts/blurbs. &. cherry blossom theme by seyche

ROLE PLAY MASTERLIST established 01/01/20 run by KVN --- Welcome to the masterlist of FINAL SPACE, the animated series found on NETFLIX, a totally underrated MASTERPIECE! Here we collect the various role play blogs scattered around the tumblr RPC, all in hope to bring the community closer. What do we do? We help people connect cerouex // yandere content. writer of yanderes. dni if sensitive/uncomfortable with dark themes. requests closed, currently writing requests

In case no links are showing, that is because Tumblr is messing up. You can alternatively access my public Google Docs Masterlists (External Masterlist) which work on mobile too. Loki (Thor/The Avengers) | External Masterlist Loki Imagines Oneshots and Multichapter fics Kylo Ren (Star Wars) | External Masterlist Eric (Divergent) | External Masterlist Captain Boomerang (Suicide Squad. Masterlist All fics crossposted to AO3. Please do not repost or steal. Headers by @kimtaehyunq Kim Namjoon Kim Seokjin Min Yoongi • Mellifluous - drabble; smut; non-Idol!AU Jung Hoseok • Sparks -.. The song of the damned (angst) Tears for another day (angst/darker) Glass trap (dark/angst) End of Mercury (fluff/action) In the rising sun (fluff) Dancer on the wind (fluff/angst) Rusted crown (angst) Copper rose (idk) Saccharine chimes (action/angst

Prompt - You're going to be okay. Everything is going to be fine. + Help's on the way. You just have to hold on a little longer.. Prompt - You deserve so much better + I can't think when you keep looking at me like that. Prompt - You may be attractive, but I'm not sleeping with you Hercules Mulligan. Wide Awake. Twitter Facebook Google+. Tumblr. masterlist hamilton hamilcast daveed diggs alexander hamilton marquis de lafayette daveed diggs x reader alexander hamilton x reader lafayette x reader hamilton x reader Masterlist *Updated May 05, 2021* Organized by fandom, alphabetically by character (last name), then alphabetically by title. NSFW and warnings are noted. AMERICAN HORROR STORY Michael Langdon •.. i would appreciate it if you use tone indicators. i have troubles with tones so please use them when you are joking, or telling me something light-hearted because i would probably take it seriously. would really, really appreciate if you use /nm or /not mad when necessary— i could find ways to think that you're mad for literally no reason

This will only contain BTS scenarios that we've written. It doesn't include our BTS imagines or reactions. No scenarios currently for Jin or Rap Monster. :( Jungkook: Spoiled Brat [angst] Mixed Signals [angst] First Meeting [fluff] V: Falling Apart [angst] Pregnant The Cheater [angst] I Want You Back [angst/fluff] Jimin: Not Ready [angst] Meaningful to Me [angst/fluff] You Cheated on Jimin. Masterlist - Masterlist Linktree If you want to be tagged in any of my posts, DM or reply to one specifying which fanfiction or series. Thank you. Maribat Roleplay Info Request Rules Maribat Months.. 25 year old with back pain - Do you have a masterlist? krystalwithakay asked: Do you have a masterlist? I don't, but I should make one lol. Thanks for reminding me. Tumblr. 1 day ago. Tagged: #I've been taking a mental break from writing so I don't get burnt out. #asks. 1 note Spring Days and Jamais Vu. Masterlist. -. Taglist Masterpost. Reactions and Non-reader Fics/MemberxMember fics. -. BTS. Ot7 Stories Masterpost. Titles on This Masterpost Include: Arms, Different Skins, Tangled Hearts, Clearwater Springs, The Light of Christmas Morn, Diamond Tears and Little Wings, Bulletproof Melody/Harmonious Extras/Con Amore.

shana | she/her | 20 | peaky blinders (mainly) | requests are open . home; message; archive; submit; masterlist; masterlist &. lilac theme by seych Masterlist. Archive. Subscribe (RSS) Ask me anything. Random post. My Etsy Shop. Catching Elephant is a theme by Andy Taylor . Masterlist. Love Letter - Imagines. One Shots - Imagines. Compliments - Imagines. Pick up lines - Imagines. Actors/Celebrities - Imagines. Sebastian Stan. Heath Ledger. Tom Hiddleston

Tags: masterlist marco pena x reader marco peña x reader marco peña imagine. thefantasticreadingsofadri reblogged this from nomtterwhere. anonymouslyours28 liked this . elz-zalarrr liked this Powered by Tumblr. Minimal Theme designed by Artur Kim.. Masterlist Chicago (Med, PD, Fire) Will Halstead Minor Head Trauma: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 Jay Halstead Personal Fairy: 1 Apologies: 1 The Truth in the Past: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5. masterlist. Oct 11, 2020. tyrarose2005 liked this . zoetaylor29 liked this . yehinyaebin liked this . anonymouss-ssss liked this . silentobussy liked this Indy Theme by Safe As Milk. The phone call was so quick. Tom couldn't get a word in edge wise before your mother hung up on him. It was a quick hello and then she went into the rather large detail that you had moved back home and were coming over for a dinner (which she informed him was actually a surprise party), and that he was invited, but had the task of picking you up and bringing you to the house

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  1. Masterlist. Last Updated: February 20, 2019. Note: I'll try to update this as often as I can. There some characters on this list without any current works, but I do write for them. Be sure to read the guidelines or check out some prompt lists before requesting! I also tag all my works #potatowrites
  2. g soon NCT ︵ ⋆。˚ :˒NCT U • dating shotaro & sungchan :˒ 127 • dating nct 127 ⿻ Taeyong - ̗̀ personality reading ⿻ Jaehyun - ̗̀ personality..
  3. g into yours at an incredibly fast pace - over and over again. Now, his touch was full of tenderness, soft against your.
  4. Guess We're Stuck Together ☑. # 1, # 26 & # 106 - You're stuck with me │Is there a reason that you keep staring me │Make me ☑. # 53 & # 58 - I don't have anyone │Will you stay? Just until I fall back asleep ♡. # 7, # 8 & # 9 - Would you please shut the hell up │Don't walk away from me │What the hell are you doing ♡
  5. Warnings: Yandere themes, depression-like thoughts and actions from reader. Originally posted by imaginationbecomesher. Your cold exterior was one of the first things Peter noticed about you. Peter just wants your attention but all you give him is the same cold stare you give everyone else. It's a bit bothersome
  6. masterlist here are all the fics I have written. thanks for checking them out! love you xo megh Key: : Angst : Fluff SERIES Can't Outrun the Past Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6,..
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MASTERLIST Imagines Jon Jon Snow x female! reader I just want to be yours Robb Promise True affection Sansa The language of flowers Bran Tell Him Tell him Part 2 Daenerys Home Preferences Jealousy #30363c. Hipster Tumblr Theme by Precrafted. gsyopa liked this. sunflowerslhc reblogged this from hajimine. sunflowerslhc liked this. Relevant people. Lex ! @hajimine. What's happening. If you see this, drop a in my inbox in exchange for a pic of a cute kitty :D. Who to follow Saturday, July 13, 2019. Tumblr. #masterlist. #peaky blinders x reader. #peaky blinders fanfic. #peaky blinders imagine. #peaky fookin blinders. #peaky blinders preference. #peaky blinders masterlist wokeupinawalnut's Masterlist Started: 27.12.2017 Last Update: 24.07.2021 Marvel DC Doctor Wh