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Best 75 Youtube Couples Channels To Follow. Keep Up With Videos About Couple Relationships, Their Lifestyle, Pranks, Video Challenge Ideas, Q&A, Couple Food And Travel Adventures And Mor #indianprank #prankvideo #viralvideo #viralpran

The Best YouTube Couples. YouTuber. Updated September 28, 2020 60.5k votes 8.5k voters 127.8k views60 items. List Rules Vote up the best YouTube couples that make you laugh and maybe feel a little envious. YouTuber reranked 60 of 0 total items on . Check out the original list to vote on it yourself 6:11. Payback: Video Pranks. Part 4: Couple posts unbelievable videos of pranks pulled against one another. March 28, 2012— -- They're now called YouTube's craziest couple. But in October of. YouTube's 'biggest couple', who have almost 9 million subscribers following their pranks and stories of daily life, have announced they are splitting up. In a tearful video, Jesse Wellens and.. It's no secret that the internet is obsessed with couples. From love teams to stan culture, romance rules the online world. To take advantage of the season of love, vloggers would often post date vlogs, boyfriend/girlfriend tags, and pranks-content that people just love to click on Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3HwPln8xJ4&list=PLp8BmukTTg9v2OxzDJ3KWc7AUSx_bkKu1&index=2Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsBiVOKfEYc&list=P..

Ranked by their massive fanbase, these top 10 comically embracing YouTube pranksters will either make you feel awkward, flinch, or leave you in stitches. 1. Roman Atwood Pranks (10.6m+ subscribers) One of the most successful YouTubers in the industry, Roman Atwood is famed for being a prankster as well as a family man YouTube Channel: Dee'ara & Ken 4 Life Dee'ara and Ken are known for doing ridiculous things together. They both love pranks, and they get extremely creative with them — everything from duct. 9. How to Prank it up: Dennis Roady can bring the house down in seconds! Be it a fake shark attack or setting up a fake robbery during a live interview, this guy has done it all. With a new movie coming out alongside friends and famous YouTubers Vitalyzd and Roman Atwood, Roady is definitely on a roll United States In this YouTube prankster channels you can get the most funny and amazing prank videos. It is a good prank video YouTube channel with most popular and original pranks, filmed vlog style. Dennis Roady does some funny pranks and upload it on this channel for his fan and entertain all of them with his funny prank videos

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23 YouTube Couples That Will Make You Scream Relationship Goals! What's their channel about: Vlogs, crazy experiences, challenges, and pranks. Channel name: The Ace Family. 7. Dan and Jon Whether it was for the clout or for love, here's a list of some recent YouTube couples. 1. Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul. Denise TruscelloGetty Images. Jana are officially married, or at the very. They called themselves the Craziest YouTube Couple. This channel has more than 10 millions Subscribers. 10. howtoPRANKitup. In this YouTube prankster channels you can get the most funny and amazing prank videos. It is a good prank video YouTube channel with most popular and original pranks, filmed vlog style

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  1. Prank Vs. Prank's Couple Prank War YouTube prank videos are incredibly popular—many of today's top YouTubers have amassed millions of followers by creating hilarious prank videos, as prank content generates more shares and likes. While many of these videos are comedic in nature, prank-style videos have a distinct setup and.
  2. 1. Make it unexpected. As with any prank, it's always best to strike at a time when the target is least expecting it, which is why Slaiman tends to pull off his pranks sporadically and, at times, multiple times a week. Two of the most famous examples of this rule were his break-up and let's make a baby pranks
  3. 15 YouTube Pranks That Push The Boundaries. I have outlined below a list of the most popular pranks on YouTube counting down to the number one spot of most extreme prank on YouTube. He first goes up to a young couple at a pond who are fishing at the end of a dock. He waits until the boy notices his ripples that are very close to the dock
  4. Famous as one-half of the popular Jin & Juice YouTube channel. The couple's pranks, challenges, Q&A's, and reactions have helped them gain more than 600,000 subscribers. Before Fame. She launched her YouTube channel in August 2013. Trivi
  5. Riss and Quan is a social media couple who is popular for their pranks, challenge, and couple videos. Riss and Quan are initials of Rissa G. and Shaquan Roberts. Rissa G. (born Nov 4, 1997) is one-half of a popular YouTube couple Riss and Quan. She along with her boyfriend shares a lovely couple of videos and challenges
  6. This Youtube couple makes reaction videos, does pranks and blogs. They have around 2 million subscribers and have inspired other youtube couples like D & B-ENT. In the latest week, a woman with an ethnic loud voice was portrayed as Damien's other girlfriend and went on Youtube to announce that Damien and Bianca's youtube channel was hacked

A popular YouTube couple decided to play an April Fools' Day prank on their young daughter, but the video — which shows the parents breaking the news that they're giving away the family dog. Prank videos by a couple on a popular YouTube channel got lots of clicks, but it also cost the couple custody of their kids. Custody of two of Mike Martin's children has now been returned to their biological mother. She said outrage online helped save 9-year-old Cody and 12-year-old Emma

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  1. Saved from youtube.com. HANDCUFFED TO OUR BEST FRIENDS FOR 24 HOURS! Cute Youtube Couples Jake Paul Team 10 Best Friend Drawings Carnival Wedding Famous Girls Wedding 2017 Youtubers Picture Video Best Friends. More information..
  2. The couple's vlogs, pranks, and challenges, have boosted them to more than 600,000 subscribers. Before Fame. He began his YouTube channel in August 2013. Trivia. One of his YouTube channel's most popular videos MY GIRLFRIEND FREESTYLE RAPS IN KOREAN has earned more than 6 million views. Family Life. He has a child with his girlfriend, Cerose.
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  4. A young couple trying to become famous by posting pranks on YouTube, short on ideas and rich in stupidity, carried out one final prank that left one dead and one facing a charge of manslaughter

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Children are YouTube's most profitable, popular stars, but the behavior exhibited by family vlog channels — from a couple rehoming their adopted child to YouTube parents accused of child abuse — has often provoked outrage. A young YouTube couple sparked a new wave of backlash against family channels and child exploitation this weekend after their period prank video was hounded by. Youtube couple Fanfiction. Kim Taehyung is a famous YouTuber that films daily vlogs and occasionally pranks his boyfriend, Jeon Jungkook. #agegap #bottomtae #kooktae #kookv #possessivekook #smutwarning #taekook #topkook #vkook #youtubecouple Here are the most popular channels and videos on YouTube: 1) Prank vs. Prank: Girlfriend caught cheating Prankster couple Jeana and Jesse are always trying to outdo each other

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  1. Pranksters in Love is a prank channel owned by a couple named Nikki (Nichole) Barker and John Dahl, and their baby Iris in 2014, and the channel is mostly pranks targeted at one another. Some of the videos are not prank but revolve around the vlog and daily experiences of the family members. There are some challenge videos such as trying out unknown foods and spicy stuff which would be able to.
  2. 2) Pranks. Pranks are quite trendy nowadays, and couples can also take advantage of the idea. They can do some pranks with each other. You can fake things, such as a fake haircut of your partner or fake news. Pranks videos attract viewers, and people enjoy them a lot. 3) Reaction Video
  3. A YouTube-famous couple has apologized for sending their 6-year-old daughter to tears with the April Fools' prank that they were giving away the family dog, a stunt that has since been blasted.
  4. A man aged 20-year-old was shot to death during a prank robbery. The act was staged and was being recorded to be put on YouTube. The incident took place on Friday night in Tennesse
  5. Couple lost custody of 2 children over prank videos, now they're back on YouTube under a new name. In one horrifying video, the couple berated one of the children, Cody, for spilling ink on.
  6. And now, according to Mashable, the popular YouTube prank couple have lost custody of their kids following controversy over their videos. As Mashable reported on Tuesday, it was the YouTube user.
  7. BookOfKen is a popular American YouTuber, who is known for his funny pranks he plays on his girlfriend. He first posted his YouTube video in 2014 and has since then amassed more than 1 million subscribers with over 275 million views. His videos mostly focus on funny public pranks, couple pranks, and other fun videos

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Julian Claßen, aka Julienco, is a German social media sensation famous for his comedic prank and challenge videos. With more than 4 million subscribers and 1.3 billion views, his channel ranks among the 30 most subscribed YouTube channels in Germany. At the young age of 27, he enjoys a net worth of 87 million dollars A wannabe YouTube star who shot her boyfriend dead in a botched prank they hoped would make them famous has been jailed for six months. Monalisa Perez, 20, pleaded guilty to second-degree. Transcript for Popular YouTube family speaks out about backlash from prank videos. We're back now with that Maryland couple under fire for their YouTube videos that have received millions of views. The couple even posted a YouTube video in 2017 in which they appeared to get married, although Paul claimed in an interview months later that the two were not married — or even dating. The relationship, it seemed, became legitimate earlier in 2018 when Costell was featured in Shane Dawson's The Secrets of Jake Paul documentary DaddyOFive couple famous for YouTube prank videos charged with child neglect. Michael and Heather Martin face two charges of mistreating two of their five children between November 2016 and April 201

A couple who created a firestorm with YouTube videos that prank their own children have temporarily lost custody of two of them. A couple who created a firestorm with YouTube videos that prank. A Maryland couple who played elaborate pranks on their children, then racked up millions of views on YouTube before critics accused them of abuse, could end up losing two of their children.

In 2017, Michael and Heather Martin were sentenced with child neglect after repeatedly pranking their family on their popular YouTube channel. Pranks are getting crueller The prank has always been. 5/04/17 12:18AM. 404. 20. Screengrab: RossCreations. A YouTuber going by the name RossCreations is one of those loathsome channel operators that doesn't really understand what a prank is. I can only speculate about why most pranks are fake. Here are some reasons that I can think of. 1. It easier to make up staged prank than to perform a real prank. 2. A real prank is riskier than a staged prank. This is because in a real prank, the..

16 Best YouTube April Fool's Day Pranks. #1 Rickrolling Fun: On April 1, 2008, YouTube joined its parent company by linking all the featured videos on its homepage to a video entitled, Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up, Rickrolling all of the users of the video sharing site. YouTube A Stunt Turns Deadly for a Couple Seeking YouTube Fame. Monalisa Perez, 19, and Pedro Ruiz III, 22. The authorities said that Ms. Perez shot Mr. Ruiz at close range as he held a book. Credit.

The victim's aunt, Claudia Ruiz, said that the couple often played pranks and posted them on YouTube, according to CBS affiliate Valley News Live. They were in love, they loved each other. The couple were arrested at their residence in a Cairo compound after they posted a video on their YouTube channel of 5.9 million subscribers, titled Zeinab and Ahmed Hassan prank Ayleen.

Egyptian Prosecution orders release of famous YouTube couple on bail. BY. Egypt Today staff. Fri, 18 Sep 2020 - 04:01 GMT. YouTubers Ahmed Hassan and Zeinab - Screenshot of one of their videos. Hundreds of videos have been posted in their channels, most are pranks, and every video usually has over 2 million views.. The parents behind a popular YouTube channel that showed them subjecting their five children to a series of questionable pranks have reportedly lost custody of two of their kids amid a child abuse investigation. Maryland's Frederick County Sheriff's Office and Office of Child Protective Services are investigating Mike and Heather. The Minnesota couple were said to be testing the powerful .50-caliber Desert Eagle handgun in the incident on Monday. Mr Ruiz had told a relative: We want to get famous. Ms Perez has been. Turns out crossing a line, even for a prank by a YouTube star, can go bonkers. An anonymous reader cites a BBC report: Four members of the controversial Trollstation YouTube channel have been jailed in connection with fake robberies and kidnappings.The group were involved in a fake robbery at London's National Portrait Gallery and a fake kidnapping at Tate Britain in July 2015

Popular vlogger Phil DeFranco posted a video in which he highlighted more of the couple's controversial videos and called them child abusers. As backlash ensued, YouTube deleted the video and the Martins posted a video saying the pranks were all in fun. They added that the accusations had torn them apart and that they were categorically. YouTube has become a content phenomenon. Back in 2005 when the first YouTube video Me At The Zoo was uploaded, nobody would have imagined just how important this video sharing medium was going to be. Google clearly saw the potential of YouTube, however, and only 18 months after YouTube's co-founder shared his zoo visit with the world, Google announced it was paying $1.65 billion for the service

Put your own spin on a popular video, song, or movie with a funny parody video. 36. Bloopers; If you've been in the YouTube game any length of time, you've probably flubbed some takes. Edit these together for a funny blooper reel your viewers will love. 37. Singing/Lip Syncing; Singing in the car, lip syncing, YouTube loves singing videos Read ♡21. Randomly Crying Prank on Tae from the story YouTube Couple || Taekook by Taeggukforlife (>°•°<) with 481 reads. couple, fluff, youtube. Listen to lo.. As you might have surmised from the title, the 14-minute vid depicts one half of the YouTube couple, Vanessa, faking a miscarriage to freak out her partner, Zavi. The 'prank' is made that much. This is the most devastating news. Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith, who you probably know from their pranking YouTube channel 'BFvsGF', has decided to call it quits. Not just from their daily videos. In 2017 another YouTube couple, Heather and Michael Martin (DaddyofFive), received five years' probation and lost custody of their children after police were alerted to their popular prank.

COUPLE pranks are spreading like wildfire on YouTube - but they sometimes don't always go according to plan. And no one knows this like boyfriend Ryan Hamilton, whose prank of waiting for his. The couple is well-known for posting prank videos, including CAUGHT CHEATING PRANK ON GIRLFRIEND and SURPRISING MY BOYFRIEND WITH FAKE GUCCI PRANK. Firing pranks have become a popular.

[Chile, it was a PRANK] MESS! Popular Gay Youtube Couple Breaks Up. Another one bites the dust. Discussion in 'In the Alley Life -- The LSA LGBT Forum' started by Lvl, Oct 4, 2019 Stunt With Gun Goes Wrong. Monalisa Perez and Pedro Ruiz III had a YouTube channel with a few hundred subscribers. The videos posted by the couple included pranks and videos of their daily lives

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Watch YouTube Couple De'arra and Ken 4 Life Get Engaged On A Romantic Date In Greece. The young couple let their 5.7 million YouTube subscribers in on the romantic moment in Santorini. To be young. 25 Pranks Between Couples That Are So Evil, They're Actually Kinda Romantic Mandy Kennedy Anyone who's been in a relationship for a lengthy period of time knows that it's easy to fall into a routine This couple has always been a popular couple of people on TikTok And people love them, its popularity is the most on TikTok. Besides it, Danielle also runs his YouTube channel which is also very popular. People watch their videos on TikTok with all their heart because their videos have a romantic Style is also visible. 2 A user on Quora is the source of this truly genius prank, which involves telling a lot of people that your friend is collecting trash for a project. Then, of course, their life will suddenly. The couple had been posting videos for a while, with many of them involving pranks on their children. The videos became popular on the video site and while some were controversial, the one that.

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  1. CAIRO - 16 September 2020: A famous Egyptian Youtube couple were arrested Wednesday over terrorizing their little daughter in a video. Ahmed Hassan and his wife Zainab were arrested at their residence in a Cairo compound after they posted a video on their Youtube channel of 5.9 million subscribers, where Zainab painted her face black and went.
  2. We want to get famous.' Perez has a YouTube channel with many videos the couple have made, with stunts and pranks prevalent. The most recent one went up the morning before the shooting
  3. A popular Youtuber, who is known for traveling to low income Black neighborhoods to prank people, has been shot and killed, MTO News has learned. Police in Tennessee are investigating after a man was shot and killed Friday night during a robbery prank for a YouTube video. Nashville police responded to the parking lot of an Urban Air.
  4. Youtube Channel Dwayne N Jazz: The vloggers created their channel Dwayne N Jazz on 27 March 2016. The channel is also known as Couple Reacts or The Loyal Couple. They produce a shocking amount of content. In fact, they often are uploading multiple videos in one day. Specifically, they post challenges, pranks, own skits, and dances
  5. The couple had filmed and posted YouTube pranks before, including one where Ruiz's 20-year-old girlfriend Monalisa Perez fed him a donut topped with baby powder

YouTube prankster jailed for shooting boyfriend dead. A US woman has been sentenced to six months' imprisonment for shooting dead her boyfriend in a botched stunt they hoped would go viral on. 14 People Who Pulled Off Wedding Pranks They May Never Be Forgiven For We put a bunch of glitter in the air vents of my brother's getaway car and turned the air conditioner on high. by Asia McLai The popular YouTube channel, which pulls in hundreds of thousands of views per video, features dozens of prank videos with titles like, DAD STINK BOMBS SONS ROOM, and KIDS GET BUSTED The Abusive 'Pranks' of YouTube Family Vloggers. DaddyOFive is a fairly popular YouTube channel — it boasts around 750,000 subscribers — founded in August of 2015. Until recently, it.

In the beginning, when times were more pleasant, these types of prank videos would stay in the family. Pranks were between friends, couples, or parents and their children in an all-out war that. The video has 6.5 million views, and helped make PrankvsPrank (basically a series of clips in which this couple tries to out-prank each other) a top gainer among the 50 most popular YouTube.

We want to get famous.' The couple's YouTube channel, which includes pranks such as Perez feeding Ruiz donuts covered in baby powder, typically received between 400 and 900 views per video, and had 218 subscribers as the couple sought to become youtube stars YouTube pranks have been around for almost as long as the platform itself, and while many of them are completely harmless, some take things a little too far and wind up getting someone injured or even killed. Such is the case of YouTuber Timothy Wilks, who was shot dead last Friday after a robbery prank went awry. The 20-year-old Tennessee man was reportedly recording the prank in the. Previously we talked of the YouTube Prank culture, and how even though pranks on YouTube is a dying genre, the effects of mindset left behind by pranks is still very apparent.Such as in the case of a Minnesota couple Pedro Ruiz and Monalisa Perez. Monalisa Perez is 19 year old charged with second degree manslaughter in the death of her boyfriend, Pedro Ruiz who was 22 In one prank clip, Cody is seen being shoved into a bookcase. After DeFranco's video and allegations went viral, YouTube account Drama Alert interviewed parents Mike and Heather. The couple denied any wrongdoing or abusive behavior. The videos aren't fake, but some things are exaggerated, Mike said

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The Maryland couple who gained hundreds of thousands of YouTube followers by pranking their kids on camera has lost custody of two of the five children in the home.. Michael and Heather Martin made headlines last month after posting a video to the account DaddyOFive in which they can be heard shouting expletives while accusing the two boys of spilling ink on the floor, leaving the children in. 29. Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog! this blog will be about pranks and prank reviews. Some of the major pranksters I will be covering are Prank Vs. Pranks a youtube prank couple, Roman Atwood FouseyTube and many others. I will be posting reviews about 2-3 times a week. See you all in my next post

Couple Prank 5 | Ultimate Couple Prank & Goals Funny TikTok videos Compilation #5 2021 | Tik tok | Reels | Tik Tok copyright issue contact : helpus038@gmail.com. #funny #reels #tiktok #tiktoktrends #cutetiktoks#compilationalbums #trend#Fails #Besttiktok #dance #tiktokcompilation #viral #funny #dance #tiktok #compilation #prank #pranks #trynottolaugh #tiktokmemes #memes #funnytiktokvideos #. PrankvsPrank, also known as PvP, is a YouTube channel created by Jesse Michael Wellens and his then-girlfriend Jennifer Jeana Smith. In 2007, the two began to play pranks on each other and post videos of the pranks on websites, eventually forming a channel on YouTube. The channel has more than 1.8 billion video views and more than 10.2 million subscribers as of February, 2017

Mean stream: how YouTube prank channel DaddyOFive enraged the internet. A US couple have lost custody of their children after featuring them in allegedly abusive prank videos. They're not the. Demographics of youtube probably skew very young. It's amazing new shit for a 14 year old, the same sort of crowd that watches 5 hours of pewdiepie. Pranks and 'reaction' videos are also really quick and easy to make. Not much production value. Youtube is all about pumping out a lot of content Nique Nique&King is a YouTube star widely known as one-half of the popular YouTube vlogging couple 'Nique & King'. Nique Nique&King has an outgoing, bold, and humourous personality, which she uses to her advantage on her social media platforms. Table of Biography1 Early life and Childhood2 Professional Life3 Personal Life4 Body Measurements5 Social Media and [ The Ijamsville, Md., residents had made close to 300 videos of themselves and their kids, with some featuring the couple yelling obscenities at their children and destroying their toys

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Social Blade LLC is an independent entity. The public statistical data is sourced from YouTube, but the presentation is not controlled by them. Our use of the name YouTube is for context, not claiming any ownership. It remains the property of the copyright holder The couple posted prank videos, like eating a donut topped with baby powder, in the past, but in an attempt to get famous, Ruiz wanted to take it to the next level by having Perez shoot a .50. YouTube Prank Parents Lose Custody Of Children - Rockville, MD - A Damascus area couple's prank videos of the parents screaming at their children has cost them custody of two of their kids.